Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds

Colorful plant foods are best for human health thanks to their plant pigments, and natural turmeric supplements are no exception. Much of the publicity surrounding the spice is due to the main active component, curcumin, which accounts for around 3% of the root’s weight. curcumin has one of the hundreds of bioactive compounds in it which help in the treatment of various diseases. 

The value of these protective compounds is that they help the body fight the damaging effects of a process called oxidation. Over time, this process can lead to chronic inflammation and, as a result, age-related diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Including protective foods in the diet means that our bodies are in a better position to cope with aging and associated inflammation, as well as inflammation and muscle pain induced by exercise.

Help in Arthritis

The potential health benefits of Natural Turmeric Supplements include better regulation of inflammation in the body. Studies show that the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric with having nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine have good effects in comparison to anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Additionally, animal studies exploring the therapeutic potential of curcumin as a treatment for arthritis have been encouraging. People need more well-designed clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of curcumin for patients with arthritis, especially those who rely on NSAIDs to manage these conditions.

Help in Cognitive Function

Another active component in natural turmeric supplements is turmerone. Very few people are known about turmerone, studies show that it will helpful for diseases like stroke and Alzheimer’s disease, as it helps in the repair of cells and potential recovery of various cells and Brain functions.

Decrease the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Studies suggest that curcumin’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects will protect against the stages involved in heart disease, including improving cholesterol levels.

Support the Immune System

The studies say that curcumin will act as an immune modulator that affects important immune cells, which include T cells, B Cells, and Natural Killer cells. Additionally, curcumin appears to down-regulate pro-inflammatory compounds called cytokines, whose prolonged activity can lead to inflammatory damage. 

When natural turmeric supplements are consumed in low quantities then it can also improve the antibody responses to the human body, helps in fighting infections. Animal studies suggest that it may also play a role in controlling allergies, including hay fever.

Is Turmeric Safe for Everyone or Not?

Natural Turmeric supplements are a safe option for most of us. However, there are certain circumstances where caution is needed. If you are pregnant, you should avoid taking excessive amounts of medication, as animal studies suggest that curcumin can alter the hormone estrogen levels. The spice in small amounts, for example, in a meal or drink, can be useful during pregnancy. 

If you have iron-deficiency anemia, avoid large amounts of natural turmeric supplements. This is because the compounds in the spice seem to bind to iron in the gut, making it unavailable for absorption. 

If you suffer from gallstones, bile duct obstruction, or liver disease, consider that since turmeric increases secretion, your diet may worsen your symptoms. If you are taking any medication, you must consult the doctor or pharmacist for advice, especially if you are taking blood thinners, diabetes medications, or PPIs such as omeprazole for acid reflux. 

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