INTRODUCTION: – At the initial stage of the divorce procedure, many people consider presenting themselves at the court instead of appointing a lawyer so that they can save money and time. But gradually, the process can be complicated and tiresome for them and taking critical decisions while being in an emotional crisis can be difficult for many people. Therefore, the best option is to get yourself a good divorce attorney to work for you. This article discusses 5 reasons why you should go to a family law firm in Singapore and hire an attorney, instead of presenting yourself at the court:

1. Unfamiliarity with the family court and/or matrimonial law: –
 If you are an opponent to your partner who is representing himself/herself, you cannot expect judges to treat you differently. Similar standards apply to both parties. Therefore, if you are unaware of the law and the documents required presenting your case, judges may become impatient and consequently be less concerned about you. For an expat divorce Singapore family lawyers are the best choice. They are professional and know how to make the case more sensible. Most people are incapable of preparing for the court procedure by themselves and facing the opponent’s lawyer.

2. Fair advice during emotional turmoil: – Spouses go through extreme turmoil emotionally during the divorce. Different negative feelings may engulf you every single day. Consequently, you can be partial to your case out of poor judgment. In this situation, an attorney will act as a third party and will be completely objective and logical while working on the case. In the process, they can assist you to control your emotional outbursts and even provide you with professional help to work on your feelings. A skilled lawyer will always let you know if you are being illogical about something and convince you accordingly.

3. Options you would never think of generally: – A family law firm in Singapore will provide you with the best professionals in the business that can assess your situation and predict the outcomes of the court case. They have experience dealing with the judges and must have dealt with other similar cases. Therefore, they have access to several options to go for that is legal and reasonable, and those you will not usually think of. The judge may reject certain things if you present yourself in court. IN that case, the process will be delayed further. A family lawyer will be able to propose a settlement that will be acceptable to both parties.

4. The burden of paperwork: – The process of an ex-pat divorce in Singapore is getting trampled by a heap of paperwork to be filled and filed. You may not know all the documents you need for your case and collecting data is tiresome. Also, this isn’t a step you can skip; documents are an important part of the court process. An experienced lawyer knows everything about the paperwork and will guide you through it so that your argument is presented convincingly to the judges.

5. Focusing on the ‘big picture’: – Winning the case is not the only important thing. A good family attorney will always focus on getting you the best deal. For this, you may have to compromise for some things to ultimately make the best of it. “Settlement” for both parties is the main thing. A lawyer will make sure you do not fight over small issues and understand your priorities- logical to leave something to get a better outcome.

 Look for references on the Internet regarding how to choose the perfect family law firm Singapore and make your decisions accordingly. This is more important in case of contested cases where there are issues regarding children, specific assets, or if the other party has a lawyer.


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