A Chinese concrete mixer pump is one of the most sought-after machines in the construction industry. It combines the functions of a concrete pump and a traditional concrete mixer. Investing in this machine will benefit your business, especially if you are looking to expand it. Instead of renting a concrete mixer pump every time, you can buy one and stop paying rentals.

This type of concrete mixer pump has two classifications based on the engines they use: diesel and electric. Diesel concrete mixer pumps are ideal if you mostly handle projects in remote and rural areas where you don’t get a stable electric connection. On the other hand, an electric mixer pump uses a hydraulic pumping system with a combustion engine. It is environment-friendly as it doesn’t burn fuel.

Why use Chinese concrete mixer pumps

Here are a few reasons why most construction companies are investing in concrete mixer pumps these days.

1. High pumping capacity

A Chinese concrete mixer pump usually has a pumping capacity of 40m3/h. It is enough to handle various small to medium construction projects. Additionally, pumping distance also plays a crucial role in these mixer pumps. Most of these pumps have a horizontal pumping distance of 300 meters and a vertical pumping distance of 150 meters.

2. High mixing speed

Apart from pumping capacity, a concrete mixer pump is also popular for its high mixing speed. It determines the pump’s ability to mix and produce high-quality concrete within the shortest possible time. This means you will not have to experience delays while making concrete or wait for a supplier to deliver readymade concrete at your construction site.

3. Occupying minimal land space

Chinese concrete mixer pumps don’t take up too much space like traditional concrete mixers. This is because they combine the function of a traditional concrete mixer and concrete pump into one machine. You don’t need to buy two separate machines and arrange for a bigger land to accommodate them. This type of pump can fit in narrow street corners. You can also maneuver the machine slowly to fit into your construction site so that it can deliver readymade concrete to workers instantly. Learn more about small concrete pump here.

4. Ease of use

You won’t need to hire a professional to run a Chinese concrete mixer pump. The machine comes with a manual. Almost anyone can figure out how to use the machine if he goes through the manual properly. Most of these pumps have a Programmable Logic Controller that looks like a joystick. It makes it easy to operate the machine.

5. Affordable than other pumps

Imagine spending on a concrete mixer and concrete pump. You will have to make a higher budget than what you can otherwise spend on a Chinese concrete mixer and pump. This one can do the work of two machines in one. Most importantly, you don’t need to hire a professional to run the machine. Therefore, you save in more ways than one.

Every construction company should buy a concrete mixer pump because of its multiple benefits. It’s an invaluable addition to your line of machinery that makes your construction business more profitable.

A concrete mixer pump is a versatile machine capable of undertaking the tasks of an ordinary mixer combined with a pump. The transportation and delivery of concrete were quite tedious a few years back. The result of the extensive work further resulted in delays and wastage.TheThe invention of these devices has made the workflow smoother as it can beat two functions within the same period. The device can perform various tasks, including feeding, mixing, and pumping the material to desirable locations. Investing in it means you can benefit from the multiple benefits associated with it.

User Friendly.

The construction market has an endless list of machines aiding in different courses. Investors in the business understand the need t work with a machine that can smoothly function without posing challenges. The concrete mixer pump features a fully automated computerized system. It comes in the form of a track featuring the driver post, rotating drum, and other parts. In the I can, the driver, who can also work as the operator, controls the machine t perform its tasks.The computer has controsl firall te parts of the machne. It wil direct the feeding of the raw materials and later through mixing t form a quality output. Once the mix is ready, it lastly discouraged it t a ready container; All the controls are clear with no hidden structures. After training, an operator can successfully manage t deliver a fresh batch of concrete to all your clients without facing any setbacks. I case of any malfunctions; the computer would detect and send a signal.


Another reason why the concrete mixer is best for yur business is it can function in varying construction sites. The construction industry not only involves housing but roads and tuned among others. Investing in this device is being yur business for all sorts of opportunities. Some varying models can suitably work for y depending o yur specialization. If yur focus is o tinsels and bridges, hees a smaller version fit for such narrow spaces. The device wil efficiently mix the different raw materials and deliver the required type of concrete within je given period. It can serve you reliably despite the location or weather conditions. There are bigger versions for locations with a huge demand for concrete. The wour suitable without presenting any delays. Such sites include building with almost 40 floors, water conservancies, and roads. Such actions require a Feshbach of concrete hence the onsite mixing provide by the concrete mixer pump. The pumping is possible due to the fixing of hoses depending on thethe heigh at hand. Refer to AIMIX Group to learn more.

Affordable Operations.

When investing in I machine, you must consider thethe prices y wil pay regarding pertains, energy, and distance issues when they arise. The price of a concrete mixer is quite high, but its performance does not attract huge bills. It can beat deadlines during function hence reducing thethe amount of energy consumption. Also, there is no need to hire people since it has an automated system requiring one person t keep it going.

If you were skeptical about getting a piece for yourself, the above information should convince you.