If you are involved in a car accident and suffered a significant injury, you need to file your claim within the stipulated timelines. If you have never been through such a situation, you may be unaware of the process of filing an insurance claim. By hiring a car accident lawyer, you can leave the entire burden of filing insurance claims on them.

Below are five important reasons why you shouldn’t file your car accident claim without a lawyer.

 1. For Negotiating a Fair Compensation

If you opt to handle your accident and injury claim, insurance companies will largely benefit. They will offer you a minimal amount of settlement money within a few days to take advantage of the situation. Insurance companies are experienced in handling settlement claims. If an experienced attorney does not represent your car accident claim, you will be at a loss during negotiations with the insurance carrier. The insurer might not even pay you the rightful compensation you deserve.

2. To Prove Liability

In case of a car accident claim, you need to prove liability for your injuries. Gathering evidence or presenting witnesses is a tedious task. The parties involved will most likely attempt to destroy evidence or avert the witnesses making it difficult to prove who is liable for your injuries.

Having handled complex accident claims, attorneys have the skills to obtain necessary evidence and determine who is liable for your injuries. Hiring a lawyer soon after the accident who will examine every aspect of liability will improve your chances of getting the maximum compensation.

3. Knowledge of the Law

A complete understanding of the law, rights, and insurance policies are essential for filing car accident claims. With the amount of experience, a car accident lawyer can state the laws relevant to your case. They can advise you on the legal options available and help you obtain adequate compensation from insurance companies.

4. Representation in Court

Your case can go to court when insurance companies and at-fault parties are unwilling to pay a fair settlement. Proving personal injury liability in the court can be quite difficult without an attorney.

You can also lose the case due to the improper presentation of information. This is where hiring an attorney is essential who can attend necessary court appearances and represent your case, carry out the paperwork and administrative tasks while protecting your interests.

5. Document Your Damages

Filing a car accident involves estimating the full extent of damages to receive fair compensation. A lawyer will help you secure adequate and fair compensation considering medical expenses, disability, pain, and suffering.

If you have been incapacitated, the lawyer will also consider the loss of income from your job, your family’s loss, and more. Without a lawyer, you will estimate far too little than what you deserve.

Also, there are specific deadlines for filing car accident claims you might miss while recovering from the unfortunate event. It is best to hire a car accident lawyer sooner than later, which will guide you through the insurance claim process, saving both time and money for you.