Mental health is still a conflicting topic to most individuals. After all, most people worry or feel extremely sad from time to time but can that be considered a mental health issue? How do you differentiate between a period of stress and prolonged depression? These are pertinent questions whose answers make people feel confused about whether or not they should seek therapy. Here are the five signs pointed out by the best online doctor consultation in India that will help you find the answers. 

Signs you need to consult a psychiatrist:

1. Constant worry and hopelessness 

Feeling like you have no hope left in the world or you are completely worthless is one of the signs of depression. Some of the thoughts that might come to you during this time is that you have zero future and you will never feel happy. To add to that, you don’t even feel motivated to improve the situation. 

It is normal to worry at times. But constantly worrying that anything bad might happen to you will simply not let you enjoy life. One of the surest signs of anxiety is when you can’t stop worrying for days. It also manifests itself as headaches and stomach aches. 

2. The best psychiatrist in Mumbai mentions sleeping disorder 

Are you sleeping much less than usual for the past few days? Would you say that this sleep difficulty has been going on for quite a while now? Anxiety and depression can adversely impact your sleep. Not getting to sleep soundly for days can make the symptoms worse. Now, it is okay to not sleep peacefully during a stressful week. However, if it continues for weeks, it’s not a simple case of stress.  

During this time, you might also notice that you either do not feel hungry completely or start eating too much. A change in appetite or weight is one of the surest signs of anxiety. 

3. Loss of interest in things and a general sense of irritation 

Be aware whether you are constantly feeling impatient or irritable. Is your mood swing affecting your relationships and making people complain about your behavior? Think about whether you can use some help to move past all the things that have been bothering you. 

Flatness, also explained as a loss of interest in all things, is also a sign that you need to seek therapy. It is a major issue to pay attention to when you start avoiding those activities that you enjoyed earlier or start steering clear of all social situations.  

4. The best online doctor consultation in India for troubles in relationships 

Several triggers can end up straining your relationship or marriage. For instance, you might be disagreeing about cash or getting a child. Most people tend to wait too long before seeking therapy. However, if you go ahead with the right therapist and keep an open mind, you can get back the same balance in all your relationships. 

In this regard, you need to pay attention to the things that your loved ones say. At times, it is easier for our friends and family to notice the changes than we do. When you feel worried about a person you love, make sure to talk to them about it, just as they would do for you. 

5. A traumatic incident that has left you shaken 

When you have a traumatic past that has incidents of abandonment and abuse, which you have not dealt with, it can cause depression and anxiety. Several other such incidents, such as falling prey to an accident or crime, suffering from a critical illness, and the likes can make you feel hopeless. In situations like that, seeking therapy is a must. 

Moreover, you might have lost someone who was dear to you. The death of someone close to you is definitely hard. Though not everyone needs therapy to move past grief, there is nothing to feel ashamed of if you do. A therapist will help you make sense of the feelings and come back to a normal life.  

If you are feeling any of the things mentioned above, wait no more and get in touch with a psychiatrist as soon as possible.