There are a lot of things that go in our car and are perceived by us as something that will “never break down” or need a repair. The suspension is one of them. Since this is the part that handles all the pressure from the bumps, turns and cracks on the road, it is also one of the most common things that need repair.

In the UAE, the majority of car owners think that suspension is mostly the part that is associated with having a smooth ride and as such it doesn’t need repair. However, having a bad suspension affects the entire vehicle and your driving as a whole. Its devastating effects are mostly seen when stopping and turning, which is why you shouldn’t ignore suspension repairs.

No matter how much wear and tear your vehicle is used to, it should always be inspected and in top condition. Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent issues like these. Still, there are some sure signs that can tell you that your car is suffering from a problem with its suspension.

Speaking of which, below we are listing some of the common signs telling you it’s time for a suspension repair – or in the worst-case scenario, a new suspension.