All aspirants know that JEE syllabus is quite huge and requires a great strategy to cover each aspect completely. Executing the strategy is more important than planning for it.

To cover the whole syllabus, understanding the concepts is essential for every aspirant. Preparing for the exam is all about competitiveness. To stand apart from the crowd, it’s essential to focus on the basic concepts of each subject. Also, a subject-wise strategy is needed to cover the syllabus comprehensively.

The JEE Main syllabus primarily constitutes the topics covered in classes 11 and 12. Approximately 45% of the paper is from the class 11th syllabus and 55% from the class 12th syllabus. Following are some subject-wise strategies that can help you cover the syllabus effectively. Read on:


The key to getting good marks in Physics is to understand the principles and solve problems. Tighten your grip on each topic and memorize all of the formulas. Before you start tackling questions and numerical problems, make sure you understand the principles. For JEE Main, both conceptual questions and numerical-based issues are essential.


To prepare for Chemistry, students should concentrate on thoroughly covering the NCERT curriculum to grasp the subject’s basics. Make thorough notes on each chapter, understand all reaction mechanisms, and memorize all naming reactions. Revise the reactions and equations thoroughly on a regular basis.


To ensure outstanding performance in Mathematics, you must practice regularly. It is necessary to ensure that concepts and formulae are readily available. To save time on the exam, learn all possible shortcuts and equations during the preparation period.

Students should also be equally aware of the exam pattern. Try and make a list of all the topics, according to their weightage. It would help you cover the syllabus in a better way.

Apart from the above subject-wise strategies, here are some hacks that would help you cover your syllabus smartly:

1. Maintain a Disciplined Schedule

It basically means that you should stick to a schedule if you want to cover your JEE syllabus in time. Time plays an extremely important role when it comes to your preparation and you can’t afford to be complacent about it. Always stick to the schedule and set goals for yourself. Make sure you achieve those goals by completing a certain portion of your syllabus within the stipulated time.

2. Read Everything Thoroughly

Everyone reads during their preparation. But do you know how does reading thoroughly helps cover your syllabus too? Thorough reading helps store things in your brain and helps you remember things when you are about to take the exam. In a manner, your syllabus gets stored in your brain bit by bit. Reading can clear a lot of problems and doubts quickly while saving your time as well.

3. Class 11th Syllabus is Paramount

Students have traditionally struggled with the 11th class syllabus as they take it casually. They are always more focused on the board exams class 12th syllabus while neglecting the importance of class 11th Students must remember that 45% of JEE Main syllabus is covered from class 11th. Therefore, studying the 11th class topics is critical and highly recommended.

4. Clear the Basics

Your syllabus will never get completed in time unless you don’t take care of the base of all the topics. Ensure you read the NCERT books thoroughly, as JEE Main syllabus is totally dependent on the NCERT books and contains all the basic concepts. Once your base gets settled, your syllabus can get in sync with your preparation.

5. Solve Your Doubts Quickly 

Doubts could become some permanent hassles in your preparation. The best thing to do while tackling them is to clear them whenever they arise. This way, you would be pushing your progress in the syllabus and get more confident about it at the same time.

If you follow the above-given tips, you will surely sail through JEE Main syllabus. You need to devote equal time to all three subjects to complete the syllabus on time.

Many aspirants seek a shortcut when completing the syllabus, but there’s no shortcut available. You must go through the process, devise a strategy, follow it wholeheartedly, and then only you would be able to conquer the vast JEE Main syllabus.