It’s 2021. And we all are still trying to figure out the secret algorithms of big companies like Amazon, Google, Instagram, and so on. But everyone is still stuck in this research even a specialist. Then who and what should you follow in achieving your online business selling goal. Kind of strange, right? But it’s not when you get to know the truth behind this fact. In this article, as I’m going to discuss about driving more sales on Amazon, I’ll explain each and every ranking and visibility factor. As algorithms changes randomly and the big companies aren’t here to reveal their secret to the users. But a specialist always keeps researching every update and keeps working according to their proof particulars. This is why I’m going to share the proven 5 unique tips and tricks in order to get more sales on Amazon. If you’re wondering to know these tiny strategies, then why not; read this article from the beginning to end.

1. Pre-Order System

Pre-Order System

Nowadays preorder is becoming a more friendly selling process to boost up a product’s popularity and to predict the future selling rates. In general, if you launch your product on Amazon, you don’t get the chance to have your products on the top 10 search results. Want to know the reason why? Because your product doesn’t cross the average sell rate of those top 10 products. And for an unpopular product, it’s very tough to gain that amount of sell within 24 hours without a bunch of paid advertisements. So, this is when preorder comes in to break the Amazon ranking and visibility algorithm. And this is a secret. Still, so many marketers don’t know about it and you can try. So here’s how it works. You can set your launch time on amazon. Suppose you set it up 10 days before your product will be launched on Amazon. So your customer will preorder your product around these 10 days. On the 9th day, you will able to understand how your product will gonna perform in the next few weak. Another cool thing is Amazon won’t charge money from those who preordered until the product launched. So, there’s a big chance to delete the product if you see that this is not gonna catch people’s attention, and you need to improve on something a lot to give it another try. If the 10 days selling is great, then on the 10th day Amazon will count all the amount of selling at once and that will be considered as this product got this amount of selling within 24 hours. As your selling rate is great, Amazon will show your product at the top 10 search results. Boom! Follow these tips right now and drive more sales on Amazon.

2. Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

You’ve probably heard about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). This Listing Optimization works the same as SEO. Where listing optimization is just used for Product page optimization which increases the Search Visibility Rate, CTR (Click-through Rate), and also CR (Conversion Rate). It also gives a perfect look to your product page. That’s the reason why you must apply this strategy. So, here’s what you need to optimize on your product page:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Information
  4. Keyword
  5. Images and Videos
  6. Price
  7. Attributes
  8. Product Documentation or Guides
  9. FAQ
  10. Presentation

The above points are the most significant thing that you need to optimize so accurately as possible. As this article is not tutorial-based so I’m not going to take you through all the teaching process but I’ll teach you the things that you have to care about most. First of all, your title should not be like an article title. Your title will contain the name and details of your product, brand, model, purposes, new feature, and important specifications are worth mentioning. The description should be well explained. And try to include your main keywords in the first 100 words. Give your all efforts to write this description as much as possible so that everyone can understand about your product and the Amazon algorithm finds the 100% relevant to your product. The information is not the same as the description. Here you’ve to include every feature that your product includes. A keyword is not that important as people talk about it, but still, it has a few values to the Amazon algorithm. So you must include your main keywords. You shouldn’t just attach your product images, try to attach an attractive video along with the carousel. This will increase the SEO score of your page right away. Choose an affordable price according to the international demands. Add product attribute if you have any. Here’s an example of a product attribute.


After that, you must attract the documentation of your product and also a FAQ section if you want to optimize properly. It will help you to interact with your potential customers. That’s the reason why it’s very important. And last but not least is a presentation through your product page. Try your best to carry out the main theme of your product. Best of luck.

3. Brand Awareness 

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are able to recognize a brand easily under various conditions. But it’s not necessary for a customer to remember the brand name. In some instances, if anyone can figure out by seeing a company object as a logo or product can also build brand awareness. This is what exactly you have to do in order to sell your product with a massive amount of sales.

Always be active on your social media accounts. Do festivals. Arrange some contests. Show up the customer reviews on your social media. Offer discounts and do some give away to engage with your potential customers. Set up a User-generated content campaign. But whatever you do, always focus on your brand name, logo, and value. This is what creates trustworthiness among your audience. So don’t be lazy being doing this stuff. The more you’ll do this the more people will search for your product online or even in just Amazon who will convert your customers later on.

4. Product Photo Optimization

Product Photo Optimization

After finishing the above 3 steps, the most important thing that comes in is Product Photo Optimization. Developing an Amazon store is not just about the things that I have mentioned earlier. It’s more like a passionate task. This is what tells your mind to click on the product page for more depth details and to buy a certain product.
Customers are always looking for high-quality product images. Even if you sell Apple products in your store with a low-quality, cluttered image, no one will buy them. A customer’s first impression can be both positive and negative. That is why you must professionally edit your product photos in order to exploit your customers’ attention.If you know how to properly edit a product picture, that’s a plus point of yours. It will help you to save your money. However, if you are unable to edit your images or do not have sufficient time to do so, you will need the services of a high-quality product photo editing service. I’ll will suggest you to search for those companies and ask them if they can help you to do your job. This is what will allow you to save time and get your desired high-quality production in a short amount of time. 



Congratulations! Because you’ve just finished reading the above 4 steps If you did so, then here’s another point that you should follow if you want to have a long-lasting business. And this is SWOT technique. It stands for;

S= Strengths; W= Weaknesses; O= Opportunities; & T= Threats

You may figure out that what I’m gonna say now. YES. You’ve to figure out your Strength as well as weakness. Implement your strength in your workspace and break your weakness through your strength. Never be failed to catch up on an opportunity. And be aware of threats. If you can maintain this process, then you’ll be able to succeed in your business career as well as in your life with ease.

Thanks for staying with us and reading this article. Don’t forget to apply these 5 tips to your next project. Till stay happy and stay with us for more informative articles like this.