Indeed, the ACCA exam syllabus encrusts with a couple of significant strands, and amongst these, financial reporting is most important. The thing about the ACCA Financial reporting paper is that it’s not much tough to pass, but there are certain things students need to know indeed. ACCA Financial reporting is a computer-based exam, and we never get to see the papers. The computer arbitrarily generates new questions for each student, so we don’t have many perceptions.

If you want to ace the Financial Reporting ACCA exam, it’s completely critical not to skip the foundations even if you think you grip them. The ways mentioned below will surely help you ace your ACCA Financial reporting exam if you act upon them diligently.

1-Planning Phase

Before you start preparing for your ACCA financial reporting exam, you should plan to prepare yourself for it. You have to set your timetable according to your daily schedule. You need to be realistic and flexible during your planning phase. It will help if you look at your updated exam syllabus to focus on your financial reporting ACCA exam’s topics. Try to approach only the ACCA-approved texts and publishers to get the required notes and books.

2-Studying Phase

You need to set your goals for each day in order if you want to ace your ACCA financial reporting exam. The target for your daily study must include at least one chapter and practice questions. You should keep in mind that you have to clear all your concepts about the given topic that you are studying. If you are not catching up on the subject, you must ask your friends or teacher for help.

3-Practicing Phase

Another way to prepare yourself is to review examiner reports published on the Global website of ACCA after every test. Reading the examiner report will help you improve your techniques for attempting the paper. It will be of great help if you have been stuck with your ACCA financial reporting paper. Thus, if you focus on the marking schemes of the exams that you can find with the syllabus. It would be best if you concentrate on such topics which are covering more marks in the examination.

You can refer SKANS ECampus to get access to helpful study material and guides.

4- Preparation Phase

During the planning phases, you must keep in mind that you have to adjust your time so you can get some revision time before the examination. Without revision, everything will be messed up in your mind, and you could face difficulty during your exams. Before exam day, you must sleep well and should reach the examination center before time. If you want to avoid any mishap, you should try your best not to panic before the exam. This can be the deciding factor if you care to ace your exam.

5- Performance Phase

While attempting your Financial Reporting ACCA exam, you should give 10-15 minutes in reading and understanding all the questions. You can make a draft for all the exam questions meanwhile if you want to. After reading and understanding the questions carefully, you must keep in mind the question’s requirements and answer accordingly. Your answer should be to the point, don’t add fluff words.

Wrapping Up!

Try to answer in a well-structured format, so the examiners clearly understand it. Every question contains marks, so don’t leave any questions unanswered. If you are short of time, then write the main points of the question; the examiner will know that you were aware of the answers and will give you marks accordingly. If, luckily, you complete your ACCA Financial Reporting exam in time, proofread it. Don’t forget to review your answers to make sure you have attempted all the questions.