The city of Las Vegas is quite a popular name when it comes to exploring the magnificent parts of the world. It is a city with countless means that are made entirely for fun and excitement. Apart from these means, some hotels in this city are fun things defines in their own ways. If you get a chance, this is a city worth exploring. Don’t forget to go through this article before going through the Alaska airlines check-in process. Take a look at these amazing spots that you should visit if you end up landing in Las Vegas.

Experience the Freemont Street

Freemont street is full of amazing and unique sites in Las Vegas. What makes this place so unique and favorable is a restriction of transportation means. Yes, it is an area where only pedestrians are allowed. The whole area is covered with nice LED lights that will give you a spectacular view of this place at the night. You will find a large number of street performers and other entertainers along the street.

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The Venetian Hotel

This is one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas. It is situated across Treasure Island. Venetian is not only a hotel as it has many tourist attractions. It is also considered one of the finest resorts in the city. Roaming through this place is a nice experience as the whole area resembles the city of Venice to a vast extent. The availability of canals, gondoliers, and the presence of blue skies above your head all over the place makes it even more similar to Venice. There are several recreations of the major landmarks of Venice.

Take a helicopter ride over las vegas

If you want to take a look at this city from above, you can opt for a helicopter ride. Getting a helicopter ride is really easy here as there is a large number of companies offering this service. You can fly over the Strip or entire las vegas. Spending a bit more money will enable you to fly to the Grand Canyon. So, this could be a thrilling and nice way to have a look at not only Vegas but also the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding this place. Choosing the right helicopter tour will enable you to see the most out of the city in less time.

The Paris hotel

It is one of the most iconic places in las vegas. This resort is also situated on the Strip. Paris Las Vegas has a replica of the Eifel tower in front of it. Apart from that, they have also recreated the Paris Opera house that is 46 stories tall building. Spend some time enjoying the 360 degrees from the Eifel Tower from the observation deck. You will find a romantic Eiffel tower just one story below it. That place is the best if you want to have a look at the strip from above.

The Mirage hotel with erupting volcano and secret gardens

Mirage hotel is a spot in Vegas that anyone can identify very easily. There are several reasons for that. The first one being the presence of a volcano in front of it. This volcano keeps on erupting after a fixed interval of time. When you are walking on the sidewalk at the night, the glowing-red volcano would be one of the best things you would ever see. The secret garden inside the hotel would give you a glimpse of some of the exotic animals like white tigers and lions.

Ferris Wheel on Linq

We are talking about the largest observation wheel in the world. The topmost portion of this wheel is 550 feet above ground level. One rotation of this wheel takes about 30 minutes which is enough time to help you observe this amazing city from different angles.

Final words

Flying to Vegas can bring happiness and charm to anyone’s life. Getting a flight from Alaska airlines can help you reach there in time. Vital pieces of information like Alaska airlines check in and other details can be found here.