Description: Have you ever been under the impression that you don’t have the energy to finish the workout session? When it happens it can make you a bit anxious about your health!  There are a lot of reasons that can impact your fitness workout in this way, but many of them aren’t cause for concern! Besides,  all these things are easily fixable!

Feeling tired in the middle of a training session? This article will help you to understand the causes!

You are not able to finish half of the workout sessions you have done before. When you come back from work, the only thing you want to do is lay on the sofa, have a beer and watch TV! What can be the reason for this change?!  

In part, this can happen as you are getting older. But, there are also plenty of other reasons why you feel fatigued during your fitness workout or why you have the feeling that you don’t profit from the same effectiveness of a fitness workout as before. When we talked with medical and fitness experts to understand better, they told us that the causes for this lack of energy usually can be found in stress, lack of sleep, certain dietary habits, etc. Fortunately, they say, it is not hard to fix all these things. Today, we are going to discuss with you six reasons your fitness workout routine can be different. Additionally, we learned that taking pre workout for women, or men can help get rid of this problem. But there are other things you can find useful, and we will mention them in paragraphs that follow. 

Why Are You Tired During Workouts?

Not Getting Enough Sleep

In case you are beginning to feel more tired than usual and unable to meet your fitness workout goal,  it is possible that you are not getting enough sleep. With the busy lives many of us are living, we are often under the impression that there aren’t enough hours in the day that can enable us to finish everything we want.  This alone, and also the stress that follows, it can make us lose sleep. The survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that one out of three Americans experiences sleep deprivation.  Now, the thing is that when you don’t sleep enough, the body is releasing cortisol, which is a hormone that increases blood sugar levels and consequently keeps us energized. The problem lies in the fact that cortisol levels increase also when you are working out, especially during high-intensity workouts. When the levels of this hormone are too high, the result is that you feel fatigued. To improve this situation, you should try to do things that would calm you down in the evening to decrease cortisol levels.


We imagine that it is hard to slow down once you get to the gym. Working out makes your endorphins run wild, and you are in a marvelous mood for hours, even days after. If you are training too much or too long every day, your body will start to slow down, and you will stop seeing the benefits of fitness workout. That is something that you should interpret as the signal to adjust your fitness workout intensity.  Whatever is your goal, keep in mind that you can’t achieve it in one month.  Running for hours on a treadmill or doing 20 weight lifting reps won’t help you.  On the contrary, overworking your muscles will lead to an increased sensation of tiredness and lack of energy.  

Bad Nutrition 

If you are feeling tired during a workout, it is time to take a look at your diet.  Adequate nutrition plays a significant role, as regular exercise in terms of maintaining good health. As you know, the body gets energy from sugar, and when we are working out, we are burning it rapidly. So, when the blood sugar levels drop, we feel tired. That is why it is important to make sure to eat adequate food, rich in protein and sugar. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should start eating tons of chocolate, etc. thinking it must be good because it is packed with sugar. You indeed need carbs, but we are talking about good carbs that can enable you to enjoy a healthy fitness workout.  Sources of good carbohydrates are, for example, bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc. 

Not Drinking Enough Fluids 

Many people focus on nutrition when they are looking for causes of fatigue and exhaustion. But there is another reason why you might not have the energy to complete your fitness workout plan.  You may be eating properly before, and after a workout, but not drinking enough water. A lot of people forget about it, but the reality is that you are losing a lot of water during the fitness workout, and naturally, you need to replace it. Experts say that you need to drink about 20 ounces of water about four hours before you start training, 12 ounces just fifteen minutes before the training, and about 8 ounces each fifteen minutes during the training.  


Anemia can be one of the reasons also why you are not getting the fitness workout results that you want.  When a person has this condition, it means that there are too few blood cells that carry oxygen, which means that organs don’t receive enough of it.  When this happens, naturally, you can’t work at your best. Extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, weakness, and increased heart rate can be the signs that you are anemic. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk with your doctor. You might need to take iron supplements for some time. 


Not having energy and feeling like you lack fitness workout motivation can be a sign of depression. When something is wrong, we automatically think that it is something physical. Almost nobody considers that the problem can be related to mental health. But in reality, anxiety and depression are amongst the common culprits for the lack of energy.  If you are experiencing a feeling of sadness, fear, hopelessness, talk with your doctor. She or he might refer you to a specialist who can help you find the root of the problem and feel better.

Final Word 

As you can see, there are plenty of things that can lead to this shift in your energy level and interfere with your workout routine. The good news here is that none of them call for too much concern. The important thing is that you listen to your body and recognize the problem. That will enable you to enjoy all benefits of a fitness workout.  What do you do to improve energy levels? Do you know some other reasons that might cause excessive tiredness during a workout?