Leaking roofs are a headache for most residents in Australia. Leaking roof repair in Melbourne is what residents need to fix this issue. However, recognizing the common causes for leaks must be the first priority to avoid late diagnosis. Some of these causes are given below: 

  1. Cracked flashing 

One of the most common causes of roof leaks is the cracked flashing. The piece of metal built to protect the roof from water should always be crack-free. You should regularly check to ensure the same. Otherwise, it can be a catastrophe. 

  1. Broken shingles

Sometimes, due to heavy rain or wind, the shingles of your home get damaged. This needs immediate attention as broken shingles can lead to leaks in the roofs. Leaking roofs can cause water lodging, so make sure you replace your shingles regularly. 

  1. Unsealed valleys

The area between the two planes of your home is valleys. These need to be sealed to ensure there are no cracks. Unsealed valleys are another common cause of leaking roofs. Check the valleys regularly and make sure they are sealed tight and replaced, if necessary.

  1. Cracked roof vent 

Roof vents situated on top of the roofs help in expelling excess moisture. But what if they have cracks or are not sealed properly? It can be a disaster. Always check your roof vents and ensure that they are completely sealed and protected.

  1. Ice damp build-up

One of the major problems during the harsh winters is the ice damp build-up. As soon as the ice melts, water can seep in. This is due to the weight of the ice. You can fix this by removing the excess ice from the roof, preventing further harm. 

  1. Improperly installed skylights

Skylights are pretty, but it can be a headache if not installed in the right way. It is very easy to spot leaks on the same. Therefore, make sure you check your skylights regularly to ensure there is no seepage or leak. 

  1. Clogged gutters

One of the common reasons for roof leaks is the clogged gutters. This can happen due to the blockage of the gutter. When excess leaves are blocking the way the water flows, the water tends to remain stagnant and find another way to flow through the cracks. Regular cleaning can help the gutters to be unclogged and prevent cracks on the same.


To summarize, to prevent your roof from leaking, find the root cause of the problem and work towards maintaining it from getting worse. Focus on the areas like gutters, skylights, roof vent, shingles and flashing. Make sure these areas are checked regularly and maintained properly. This will save your roofs from leaks and protect your home.