It’s a bitter truth that an E-commerce store is unable to run for a longer time with the absence of an effective E-commerce marketing strategy. There’s a bunch of things after starting an E-commerce store. You need to work on aspects like SEO, serviceability, and marketing. SEO and serviceability are straightforward processes, but marketing needs some creativity.

Using E-commerce Marketing Strategies converts more sales and makes your store a win-win. Additionally, the E-commerce store can build brand awareness by implementing a marketing strategy. So here are some of the effective tips to build the perfect E-commerce marketing strategy for your store.

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7 Effective Tips to Build the Perfect E-commerce Marketing Strategy

When it comes to online marketing strategy, there are multiple channels that can be used to create a compatible strategy. But not every strategy will be useful for every business. So it is important to recognize which is most impactful for your business and which can be best implemented.

Here are seven of the best content marketing strategies to increase sales for your E-commerce store.

1. Gain a huge audience from Instagram

With over 1 billion monthly active users of Instagram, it is the fastest-growing app, connecting consumers, influencers, and brands. 130 million clicks on shopping posts every month. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services. These studies show you can drive traffic via Instagram.

Post captivating photos of your products on Instagram, use hashtags and make sure you post at the right time. Engaging with your followers is a key to create a strong Instagram presence.

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Some ways to engage with your customers are by creating contests, posting behind-the-scenes pictures of the company’s employees and product development in progress, or posting product pictures on Instagram stories.

2. Convert visitors into customers with easy navigation

If you have a poorly designed store, you are losing your customers. A poorly designed store can be one of the following: time-consuming navigation, unreadable fonts, unattractive themes, or no proper segmentation. 

If you have not properly segmented your products, it becomes difficult for visitors to find the right one. Apart from this, if your store has an out-fashioned theme design, the visitors find it uninteresting. Find out if you are lacking proper designs for your store images. Does your store have a balance between content and design? A well-designed store needs to overcome all these problems to increase conversion rates.

3. Live Chat helps to engage visitors

Apart from email, there are other ways to engage with site visitors and customers. One of the ways is to integrate live chat. 92% of customers are satisfied with the store that includes live chat. Thus, live chat is a great conversion driver for your E-commerce store.

Live chat allows you to have direct communication with your customers when they are planning to move for a buy. This results in quick buying decisions as their queries are answered on the spot. Also, the store owners can get valuable insights into customer’s behavior through live chat.

4. Personalize the buying experience of customers

80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or avail of a service from a brand that offers them personalized experiences. Personalization is another compelling E-commerce marketing strategy to drive sales. Personalization is served to visitors based on their past experiences.

Personalize your store Emails to push customers to visit your store. Make the customer’s after purchase journey fully personalized to let them come back to you in the future. You can even personalize product recommendations based on location.

5. Add User Generated Content to product pages

User-generated content is a great way to create social proof. When your customers see that people are using your products, it builds trust and they will become more confident in buying the product.


User-generated content also includes sharing pictures of customers that actually use your products in an effective way. The other form can be reviews and recommendations. Utilizing user-generated for your store will benefit in converting visitors to customers as well as engage them.

6. Focus on better user experience with mobile optimization

By 2021, more than half of all online shopping is expected to happen on mobile devices, according to Statista. Mobile users are growing insanely day by day. Optimizing your site for mobile means you have a responsive design to make your site mobile-friendly. For this, you must keep in mind mobile users from start to finish of the designing process.

The product image can be optimized for mobile devices to reduce the loading speed of your site on mobile. Similarly, bigger CTA on product pages, helps customers to take actions without zooming it.

7. Reward customers to keep them engaged

Preserving customers is a powerful way to increase sales. Customers can be retained by rewarding them. They keep coming back to you if they receive rewards on purchasing your products. One way to reward customers who are big buyers is through a loyalty program. Loyalty programs can benefit both customers and store owners. Customers get rewards on the purchase and store owners take the advantage of returning customers and mouth to mouth marketing.

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Offer discounts, free shipping, or gifts for a minimum amount of purchase to your customers. Choose how you will reward your customers, for what actions they take, and how often.


By implementing these tactics, you are well on your way driving traffic to your Ecommerce store. Creating a marketing strategy seems a worrisome task at first, but breaking the plan into pieces will surely make your work easy. If you are running a Magento store, integrate Instagram Feed Pro for Magento 2 to collect Instagram images and show up in your storefront thus creating a Shoppable Instagram store.

An effective marketing strategy helps distinguish your brand from others. Creating and implementing a marketing plan for your E-commerce store helps to boost sales and increase conversions. The 7 tips discussed here help to create a solid E-commerce marketing strategy that will help to drive customers to your E-commerce store in 2021. However, the best way to find out what works for your audience is to test. So try out the various marketing strategies to strengthen your Ecommerce funnel.