The rainy season has arrived to relieve the heat of the summer. Kids love this as they get to play in the water and get dirty, which is basically their dream. Regardless, how pleasant the monsoon may seem to some, for homeowners, it brings unwanted things like mud and humidity that are difficult to clean! You don’t want your living room to be covered in dirt and water as much as you want your kids to enjoy the rainy season, do you?

As the monsoon strikes the country, bringing plenty of rain and cloud cover, it’s critical to prepare and gear up. Monsoon is the season of unexpected and sudden downpours, so it is better to devote some time and effort to rainy season cleaning rather than having to pay for damages later on. The buildup of dirt, grime, and mud all around us is a concern during the rainy season. We can still tolerate the dirt and mud outside, but once it enters your home, then it can really be downright revolting. Monsoon is literally the dirtiest season for your home, and you must work twice as hard to keep it clean and neat at all times.

Since summer is going to welcome the rainy season, I thought I’d share some of the finest and simplest ways to keep your home clean throughout the rainy season today. Try some of these helpful suggestions to keep your home damage-free as it rains cats and dogs!

Keep the Entryway Clean:

Use two mats, one outside the entrance and one inside, to trap additional dirt. Hose off and air-dry mats to freshen them. Vacuum indoor on both sides – going over the back will drive stored dirt out onto the floor, making it simpler to pick up. And also, keep the shoe rack near the entrance. The majority of dirt and grime enter your home through your dirty shoes. It’s self-evident that if you walk out in the rain, your shoes will be caked with mud. As a result, having a display rack at the door will assist you in limiting the entry of dirt into your property. Make it a point for everyone to remove their shoes before entering the house. Trust me, this is the best alternative, and adhering to it will undoubtedly assist you in keeping your home clean during the rainy season.

Clean Yourself Before Entering:

Okay, just getting rid of your muddy shoes isn’t enough; your legs also gather a lot of dirt, especially if you’ve walked a long distance through dirty streets. Cleaning your feet correctly before entering your home will help you keep grime at bay. When you’re through washing your feet, make sure you get rid of your wet and soiled garments right away. Clothes worn outside during the rain can contain a lot of germs, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is excellent for your health and hygiene.

Disinfect the floor:

As you may well know, the monsoon environment is quite wet and humid, which is ideal for germ reproduction. As a result, it stands to reason that your home will contain a plethora of them as well. As a result, cleaning with a suitable disinfectant is one of the simplest methods to get rid of germs and keep your home clean throughout the rainy season. That will eliminate the germs and save you and your family from being unwell. Clean your floors tiles with disinfectant, add it to water & mop the floors. Make sure to deep clean the grout once a month as well. Moreover, floors made out of marble, vitrified tiles and the like are slippery in nature, so it would be best if you mopped up your floor immediately.

Cleaning the Bathroom:

Bathrooms are often the dirtiest rooms in the house; therefore, they require extra maintenance during the monsoon season. We run to the bathroom after arriving home to wash our bodies and keep ourselves clean, so your bathroom is naturally exposed to a lot of extra filth, muck, and grime during the rains. Bring out the granite polish to restore the lustre and repel stains on your kitchen surfaces. Pour a mixture of 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup table salt, and 1 cup hot vinegar down the drain to freshen it and keep it running freely. Allow it to stand for no more than 15 minutes. After that, run hot tap water for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Clean the bathroom tilewater closetbasinfaucet, and all your bathware with bathroom cleaner, and lastly, clean the mirror.

Keep the Bugs at Bay:

Insects and pests reproduce during the monsoon season. There is no lack of creepy crawlies trying to make your house their home, including mosquitoes, termites, flies, and moths. They not only carry viruses with them, but they may also cause damage to your furniture and clothing. Install screen shutters on your windows and doors instead of using insect repellents and pesticides to get rid of them. That will prevent them from entering your house in the first place. It’s a classic instance of prevention being preferable to cure! Chemicals are also hazardous to your family’s health and safety, particularly children and the elderly.

Don’t Keep Wet Clothes:

Monsoon season brings a lot of dripping and damp clothes. It is never a good idea to put the wet clothing in a bucket, only to take them out once a week when you do your laundry since they can stink up your house. Use laundry hampers or baskets in the bathroom and bedrooms to keep damp items out of the way! Because the monsoons aren’t as sunny as the rest of the year, it’s a good idea to keep your clothing clean, rinsed, and ready to dry if and when the sun shines!

Check Leaks in Roofs & Walls:

To keep safe during the monsoon, inspect the roof and walls of your home for any leaks. For a better outcome, repair the leaks and apply the waterproof coating to the roof and terrace. Also, inspect the roof’s water pipes for wreckage, which can clog the pipe and cause a problem with smooth water flow from the roof during rain. There are never enough small, undetectable gaps and holes in your house to transform it into an instant aquarium. Look for cracks in the walls and ceiling, as well as faulty pipes and leaking taps. And have them straightened out before the season begins.

Do you have other ways that help you keep your home clean in monsoon season? Share your cleaning tips and ideas by commenting below.

And, Happy Monsoon Homies!!