A lot of new laptops are lining up for the big festival launch. If you are looking for a laptop under 25000, this is the time to look for one. The best gaming laptop will be available at a discounted price this year. What you need to do is check the features that are on the verge of getting launched. Here is a list of high-quality features that you can expect this year from the latest laptops.

Intel Core Processor H Series

Processors play major roles in making a laptop the best gaming laptop. To upgrade the already available laptops in the market and turn them into high-quality gaming laptops, Intel brings its H series. The 11th Gen H series is all set to capture the market soon. This processor chip is better equipped with the power to support all your gaming needs. You will be able to use a laptop empowered by the Intel Core H series for long hours. This power jump makes the new-age laptops better for gaming and lasting performance.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne

To amplify its performance and power, AMD Ryzen brings the new 5000 Cezanne CPU. This is going to be a great addition to a laptop under 25000. The CPU helps in upgrading the best gaming laptops. You can now expect a lot of fun time with your favourite games. Compared to its predecessor, AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne offers a better gaming experienced.


While every other brand is pushing for better processors or CPUs, Acer is set to bring its new Chromebook series. Acer Chromebook comes with AMD Ryzen 3000 C series. This laptop is going to be the perfect addition to the lives of gamers. It gives amazing speed and a better storage system. You can expect an upgraded gaming experience with Acer Chromebook. 

Mobile eGPU

It is not possible to shrink a GPU in a laptop. For this reason, Asus has decided to bring additional enclosure GPU for better performance and ease of use. Usually, GPUs come in large forms. These are not for use on the go. You can not carry a GPU along with you when you are moving around. Therefore, it becomes difficult to use GPUs when you are moving around. Asus has attempted to reduce this problem. They have decided to bring eGPU to elevate the laptop using experience. If you cannot set up an entire table for this GPU, you can easily dedicate a small space to this when you are in a hotel or away from your home.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

Microsoft has brought an amazing feature for the corporate market. Surface Pro 7+ can be a great addition to your workstation. Empowered by a Tiger Lake processor, it comes with removable boot drives. Now you can keep all your data safe and with yourself.

Touch Screen 

Even though not a new feature, but touchscreen laptops are slowly capturing the market. Lenovo IdeaPad has already made its name. Now, it is time for the other brands to join the force. You can expect a long list of touch screen laptops in the future.

Higher RAM Storage

Higher RAM storage is another feature that makes a laptop the best gaming laptop. You can expect better RAM and a smoother multitasking experience with new Core i9 laptops. 

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