Renting is becoming a common practice for many items. Renting can be cheaper than buying in the short-term and long-term. You can avoid costly maintenance and make the most of the latest technology by renting goods and equipment. There are many items that can be rented that are more intelligent than others. Some items might even surprise you.


Although it might not seem obvious, you can lease LED lighting systems complete with control tools for your business premises. This allows you to keep the price of an otherwise costly item down. It can also be part of an environmentally-friendly approach, as indoor and outdoor LED light fittings are among the most energy efficient.


Telecom equipment (telephone switchboards  and landline phones, mobile phone fleet, etc.) Telecom equipment (telephone switchboards, landline phones, fleet of mobile phones, etc.) tends to be obsolete quickly and could be affected by regulatory changes. Leasing such equipment can be especially beneficial, as they need to be replaced frequently. A large number of European countries, for example, have started to close the “Switched Phone Network” (STN), which was once used to provide fixed-line phone services.


There are many benefits to renting security systems for your business. Renting security systems for your company saves you money on maintenance. You also have the benefit of having the most up-to-date equipment. You also have the chance to review your security system, such as replacing security gates with CCTV systems.

You can rent office furniture and equipment.


Do you rent or buy your coffee machine and printers? This question is asked by nearly all businesses. Many equipment rentals come with maintenance and refill services.


Even if the company computer is used for a few simple tasks, it needs to be maintained regularly as this equipment can quickly become obsolete. Renting is the best option.


Companies can rent software to optimize their cash flow and spread out the costs over several decades. Companies can rent computer software to have them installed, hosted, and managed (updates/maintenance, etc.). The service provider. This is especially useful for companies that don’t have their own IT staff.

You don’t have to buy high-quality dental and medical equipment.


Not only can you rent the chair, but most medical equipment used in dental practices can also be rented. The same applies to other medical fields such as imaging, ophthalmology, and ultrasound (scanners, etc.). Similar applies to other medical branches such as ophthalmology or medical imaging (ultrasound and others scanners, etc.). Apart from the financial aspect, renting medical equipment has the advantage that it is regularly updated with new regulations. In January 2018, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions purchased CMV Mediforce, a specialist in financing for healthcare professionals, with the goal of promoting the leasing and accessibility of medical equipment.