Pups love pampering, which can be through massages, games, or any fun bonding. Just like buying them anything they need, you can spoil your pet in the same way for its well-being. Today, pet owners are looking for better ways to pamper their pets despite busy schedules. Thanks to technology, it is possible to take care of your dog without being physically available. 

The smart pet industry’s growth allows pet owners to spoil their pets in the best way possible. Explore several home automation solutions you can use to spoil your furry friend.

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  • Smart cleaning machine



An automatic vacuum cleaner can be something you need to clean the house and provide an excellent pet environment. The pet house needs regular cleaning, particularly after a long day. Instead of reaching for a mop, clean the pet’s house with the press of a button, and it will get rid of all the dirt. This machine comes with a 100-foot extension cord that is long enough to clean without tripping your pet.


  • Smart lighting



With this home automation, you can program your lights to ensure they turn on and off at the right time. The system allows programming to light up exactly when you want to keep the pet safe and comfortable. If a stranger appears in the home’s vicinity, the lighting uses motion sensors to send a notification for the pet to hide in a secure place. If your pet is afraid of the dark, the lighting system can automatically turn the lights on where the dog likes to sleep. It is an essential innovation for anyone looking to pamper their dogs.


  • Pet camera


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ErVsuD5DWlw 

This is one of the best home automation systems that can be a fun way to pamper your pooch. The camera designed to protect the home from any crime can respond to motion and sound such as barking. It offers high video quality to access your pet at a click of the button. The camera provides a live video feed of the pet, providing constant access to your pet through a mobile app.

It also comes with two-way audio to talk to and listen to the pet. You can speak to the dog through the camera if they are distressed or use the camera to watch them go about their business. You can also play games with your dog through the camera and monitor his activities.


  • Smart Pet-food dispenser



Use an automatic pet food dispenser to dispense food on whatever schedule your dog needs. This system is perfect when you need to feed your dog while away from home. You have to enter the dog’s weight in pounds and figure out the quantity of food your dog usually eats. After loading up the dispenser, schedule the pet’s mealtimes and portions, and it will do what you would expect it to do. For example, the system can automatically turn on the food and water dish to eat and drink using an app.


  • Pet curfew door


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/V6LNevvmAxg 

Having an automatic pet door is a great convenience to take care of your furry friend. You can use the door to control the pet’s ability to go outside only when it is safe. Automate the dog door allowing him to get inside or out without providing an open door to the house. You can set timers and allow automatic entry and exit with these smart doors. A pet curfew door can be a lifesaver during the night or after a long day of work by keeping the pet healthy and comfortable.


  • Automatic ball launcher


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/mBl2fKoUCNo 

Dogs need plenty of playing time for their exercises and overall health. An automatic ball launcher is an excellent project for the dog to play with without your involvement. You can choose from a range of distances and angles that will fire the balls since the device is usable in various environments. Your dog will love playing with such a device running the length of the garden. Moreover, you can train your dog to use the ball launcher as they learn quickly. 

The ball launcher is designed to throw balls for 15 minutes and rests for the next 15 minutes to stop the pets from overexerting. It beats chasing the dog around, attempting to get the ball back.


  • Temperature and humidity controller



Use this automatic smart device to give your pet the best environmental condition they need. It provides the perfect temperature and humidity while you are away from home. For example, when the temperature drops to freezing, the controller can automatically turn on the heated dog kennel to ensure the pet is nice and toasty. The system helps your pooch enjoy comfortable relaxation in the best environment possible.

Bottom line


Taking care of your pet should be a top priority for its health and wellness. While this is a big task, home automation can come in handy to make your pet’s life, health, and wellbeing better than ever. If you are looking for the best way to pamper your dog, consider Smart Pet Products such as smart doors, cameras, smart thermostats, and humidity sensors. These home automation systems are a lot of fun to use and can help your pet lead a healthier and safer life.