The crawl space is an area under the house that houses pipes, wires, and ductwork. It provides a foundation for the rest of your home. Many homeowners in the United States have basements or crawl spaces that are built with dirt floors. However, it can be subject to flooding or leaks if not properly maintained or designed.

If you live in this type of house, it is important to know the signs of a problem and what you can do to repair your house’s foundation. Keep reading for eight signs your home needs crawl space repair. 

8 Signs it’s high time to fix your crawl space 

One of the most crucial things any homeowner should do is keep track of the condition of their house. If you think anything is wrong, there probably is. Here are some signs to look for if your house needs crawl space repair.

Moisture in the crawl space

Basements are notorious for having water problems. Many people associate mold with humidity, but this can also happen in your crawl space. If moisture remains on the dirt floor for very long, it will form a layer of mold. 

Some signs that you have a problem may not be openly visible at first glance to anyone who is not familiar with crawl spaces. For example, the first sign of mold is a musty smell in the vents or coming out of cracks in the walls. After that, you may notice a slight discoloration on your exterior walls or ceiling. Sometimes, these stains are bright red or orange and, if left untreated, will eventually turn into a full-blown infestation of mold. 

High indoor humidity  

If there is a constantly high humidity level inside the home, you may need crawl space repair. This is because excess moisture can cause mold and wood rot, and other issues that will only worsen over time. Some ways for you to check if there is excess moisture are to check the home’s HVAC system, soggy spots on basement flooring, or elevated humidity levels in basements. Check if your crawl space smells bad or not.

Slumping ceilings 

If your ceilings have started slumping, it may be an issue with the crawl space. Over time, wood support beams can rot, and the crawl space will not be able to hold up the home. It is important that you have a house foundation repair professional check it out as soon as possible. 


Condensation in your basement or crawl space on the vent seams is a sign you have a leaking furnace. Condensation can quickly turn into mold growth and cause damage to your home. You should have the vent checked out by a professional if this happens often.

One way to find leaks in vents is to use a flashlight. Check all of the seams for water damage and mold growth. If there is any evidence, you will need to call an HVAC professional right away. This may also indicate that your HVAC system needs replacement or repair soon if it’s getting too old. 

Wood rot and floor joist problems

If your basement is flooded or wet, it is important to look at the crawl space. Sometimes you will have an obvious leak in the floor, but sometimes this moisture can come from poor drainage around the foundation of your home. Either way, you should arrange for crawl space repair as soon as possible if your property gets flooded often. If you see signs of wood rot, it is also an indication that you need crawling space repair. You can tell by looking for discoloration, mold, and dry rot.

Signs or smells of animals in the house 

Some animals, such as raccoons or skunks, will take residence in your crawl space if there is a gap between the floor and foundation. It can create many problems for you, including water damage on the walls from their paws. If you ever see signs that they have been nesting or living in your crawl space, it is important to have it fixed immediately.

Foundation cracks

Foundation cracks can be a serious issue. If you notice some cracks on your home’s foundation, it is best to have them inspected as soon as possible if you want to avoid crawling space repair costs and problems down the road. You can tell if there are any by looking for cracked or broken bricks and gaps in mortar lines. These cracks can lead to wet floors, which will eventually cause wood rot and mold on the walls.

Bottom line: 

Crawl space repair is required if you want the cleanest and safest place to live for your children and pets. While some of these signs may seem minor, they are all indications that you should call a professional for house foundation repair right away. These problems can become worse over time and cause very costly repairs if not taken care of quickly.