Maternity leave is a demanding time for the parents as they have to manage an infant and budget together. The months of planning and savings are all tested during the first few months. However, it may face a setback with the extended maternity leaves that are often unpaid.

You can use the emergency fund to manage the expenses during the extended leave. However, it is recommended to have an additional source of income. Since the father has to keep up with the day job, it is on the mother to make some money during the unpaid leave.

Here, you will find some temporary jobs for the new mothers for the unpaid maternity leaves.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is no longer a side hustle with the advancement in communication channels. Companies are using it as a cost-efficient measure to outsource the tasks. You should have some special creative or technical skills to start your career as a freelancer.

You will manage the project and the workload keeping in mind the requirements of a client. The common freelance skills are writing graphic designing, and web development. Some companies are also outsourcing the sales job to freelancers on a commission basis.

There is no regular income in the freelance industry, unlike the fixed paycheque from the employers. You are responsible for finding the client without a sales team to help. You may need equipment as well that can be purchased with 15-minute loans from direct lenders.

  1. Sell Clutter Online

You should have plenty of needless items in the house that may never get used again. It is time to get rid of them and make some money from them. Decluttering the house is an effective technique to raise some money for temporary financial setbacks.

You don’t have to visit the local pawn shop anymore because of the online websites. Just find the right platform for each item to get the best deal available. You may find some collector’s favorite items lying in the closet.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good source for making some extra money while using social media platforms. You can use your influence on the friends and families to convince them on buy some product. The seller will pay some commission based on the transaction.

However, not everyone can make considerable money with affiliate marketing. You need to have a good online presence and credibility to start affiliate marketing. Many bloggers use it once they receive a decent amount of traffic.

  1. Online Teaching

The pandemic has exponentially increased the popularity of online courses and classes. From young students to working professionals, everyone uses the internet to clear concepts or learn something new. You can use your expertise to start a part-time job as an online teacher.

There are endless skills that people can learn from videos on the internet. Many organizations are hiring freelance educators to publish content on their site. It only requires a video camera, a solid background, and a writing board.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is still a prevalent profession and hobby that may return substantial income. You can earn from Google Ads, affiliate marketing, and setting up an eCommerce store. However, it may take months to get a significant audience on the blog.

There are numerous categories for the blog with a different theme. You need to use a specific category to target a particular audience. Writing skills are not enough to become a successful blogger as it requires basic knowledge of digital marketing.

Many businesses pay professional bloggers to write content for their website. You need to work hard to find these clients as the competition is incredibly tough. However, the clientele will only grow if you are good with the words.

  1. Online Surveys

Survey companies pay a fair amount to the customers for their opinion. The companies pay them heavily for market research. Therefore, you can be a part of it while staying at home with a computer and internet connection.

You may not earn anything near to even a part-time job. But a small income while sitting on the couch is still better than nothing.

  1. Websites Testing

Web developers and businesses pay people to visit their website and share the user experience with them. You need to provide feedback about the different aspects of the site. It is similar to surveying and requires no special skills other than fluent English and web browsing.

  1. Virtual Social Media Assistant

A small business sometimes cannot afford the hiring, training, and infrastructure cost for their social media assistant. They outsource a job to someone very well aware of the platform and their line of work. You need to publish content, run the ad campaign, and engage with the customers.

These part-time jobs come with healthy pay. It doesn’t require a college degree in digital marketing, as some online courses will do fine. And the businesses prefer local social media assistant if you live close to their area of operation.


To conclude, you can make money during the unpaid maternity leave as well while staying at home. The jobs in the articles will not create overwhelming stress on your mental and physical health. There is always an option to cut short the work to take care of the baby.