The main residents of Kamahan Village in Lahore are the Muslims of this village who are still following the old traditions and culture of Pakistan. Most of these village dwellers are illiterate and live in traditional homes made of wicker or reed. These traditional houses are constructed on the traditional patterns and are located on plots which were originally given to the sons of the previous landowners. Other than these traditional buildings, all the houses in Kamahan Village in Lahore are constructed in modernist designs of bricks and concrete.

The population of Kamahan Village in Lahore comprises mainly of Urdu speakers, Punjabi speakers and MQM workers. All these groups live in well-insulated houses in different parts of the village. The largest concentration of population is in the lower middle class on the Karachi-Atta Bakhsh and Shah Jehan Road. Other smaller areas of the village where there are large populations include Daska, Bakri, Chhota Dora, Bogra, Hayman Jafra, Gulshan Bagh, Hayman Bagh, Nazia Mirza and Nazia Tarar. As far as residential complexes in Kamahan Village are concerned, most of them have two to three floors. Some complexes have more than ten floors.

There are two to three restaurants in each of the areas of Kamahan Village in Lahore, but no hotels are present in the village. The main industries of Kamahan are agriculture, small-scale trading, automobile industry and woodworking. However, the textile industry of Kamahan has been growing steadily and there are many textile shops present in the village. These textile shops sell textiles of all types, from silk to cotton and wool. The people of Kamahan also sell pottery, furniture, metal works, shoes, calligraphy, leather products and clothing items.

The postal address of Kamahan village in Lahore is PO Box 9001/2. The postal address of the commercial areas of the village is PO Box 9001/3. A trader can purchase all the necessary commodities from any of the state life housing society in Kamahan, either from the market itself or from one of the registered agents.

The market of Kamahan is located at a place between the railway station and the administrative head office of the district. There are also a few stores located along the roads leading to the village. These shops sell clothes, accessories, furniture and other consumables. All these commodities are imported from the Punjab state and are sold in local markets.

An average sized road going towards the heart of the village leads to an open air market. The market is located on a raised platform above ground which has a stage at one end for a musician to perform and an area for a talent display. An ice cream shop also lies near the Lahore ring road.

On the eastern side of the village you will find three restaurants which serve local dishes. The restaurants that are located on the western side of the village provide North Indian delicacies to the visitors. The main road that connects the villages of Kamahan to Lahore passes through a number of small streets which have local shops situated along them. These shops contain a wide variety of articles for sale.

Some of the most famous hotels in Kamahan include. The Hotel Kamahan, The Leela Palace, The Taj Mahal Hotel and The Sheraton Hotel Kamahan. These hotels are located on the main road of the village and are connected to the different state run hospitals. Muhammad Usama live in Kamahan village is a place where one can experience the true essence of Pakistan.

Kamahan village near Ring road Lahore

The market is located at Chishara Dinar. Here you will find a number of traders who deal in livestock, fruit, vegetables, tea and spices. Other items on sale include clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. A number of small markets also sell electrical appliances, clothing and shoes. You will also come across fruit, vegetables and cooked meats on the street.

As you come closer to the village, you will be able to see two white pines. These pines are located at a distance of 150m from the center of the village. At this point, you will be able to experience the unique fresh air of Kamahan. In fact, you should not miss the view of the mountains as well as the surrounding green mountains.


The market area of the market is located within a few hundred meters from the main gate of the market. This makes it easy for the travellers coming to visit the market to start their shopping right away. If you are staying somewhere close to Kamahan, you can take a taxi to reach this place easily. However, if you are staying some distance from the spot, then you will be able to reach your destination by either walking or taking a taxi.

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