Are you a UK citizen and need to take multiple trips to China every year? Then, consider applying for a China 10-year visa. UK citizens are enjoying the benefits of the 10-year China visa from March 25, 2019. Whether you are taking multiple trips to China for your business purpose or seeing your family or like to take a trip frequently, look for China Visa UK. Whatever the reason, it is beneficial when you get a 10-year visa. It means there is no need to apply for a new visa every couple of months. Therefore, you and your family will be more comfortable. Now in the UK, the 5-year multi-entry China Visa is also available for UK citizens. Here let’s know about the 10-year China Visa from UK.

What is A 10-Year Visa?

A 10-year visa means it is valid for 10 years but know that it won’t allow you to stay in China for 10 years. It allows for multiple short stays up to 3 months for business or tourist visits. Depending on your nationality and reason of travel, the duration for each stay will vary from 30-120 days.

Reasons to Get A 10-Year China Visa

  • Saves Your Time: If you need to travel back and forth to China for business or family purposes, a 10-year Visa for China will help you. For 10 years, there is no worry to apply for a new visa every time you make a trip. This 10-year China Visa saves your time and reduces hassles.
  • Saves Your Money: When you compare the short-term visa for UK citizens, the cost of a 10-year visa would be the same. Once you paid the fees that are covered for 10 years. It saves your money periodically. If you want the visa without any hassles, it is best for you to look for professional consultancy services for china visa Manchester.

How Long Do You Stay in China on A 10-Year Visa?

Visa Type             –      Maximum Stay Duration after Each Entry

Tourist (L)                 –      60 days

Business (M)           –      60 days

Private Visit (S2)       –      120 days

Family Reunion (Q2)  –      90 days

Who Can Apply and Be Eligible for A 10-Year China Visa?

The UK citizens are eligible to apply for a 10-year visa. But, the 10-year China Visa Application is only applicable for the purpose of business (M), tourism (L), private visits (S2) or family reunions (Q2).

First, applicants need to get a 5-year China visa by meeting the following requirements:

  • The applicants granted two or more 2-year China visas by the China Embassy or Consulate in the UK.
  • The applicants granted one china visa. The validity period should be two or more years, and the applicants should visit China at least three times each year in the past two years.

However, British spouses and children of Chinese citizens can directly apply for a 10-year Q2 visa if they meet the above requirements.

What Documents Should I Need to Prepare?

  • A valid passport with the validity of at least six months. It means during the validity of your 10-year China visa, and your passport may expire. You can enter China with both passports in these cases, and there is no trouble for applying for a new visa.
  • The printed online application form on the website of the CVASC centre.
  • Justifying documents for the purpose of travel, for instance, round-trip tickets and hotel booking for tourism, a business purpose invitation letter from your business partner.

If you want to prepare the document without any hassles, it is best to approach the Chinese Visa Services. The experts from the services will assist you step by step when you Apply for China Visa UK.

How to Apply for A 10-Year China Visa In UK?

  • Visit the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) website, and on the homepage, select CVASC in London, Manchester according to their service areas.
  • Select the respective CVASC office and complete the Chinese Visa Application Form on the website. Then print the form and sign in it.
  • Collect documents such as your passport, round-trip tickets, hotel bookings, etc.
  • When you apply for a China visa from the CVASC in UK, make an online appointment on the website and make sure it is compulsory.
  • On the appointment date, submit your application to the CVASC and pay the visa fees.
  • Collect your visa on the given date. It is mentioned on your pick-up slip.

How Much Cost to Get A 10-Year China Visa for UK Citizens?

The cost may differ on the type of service you need. There are three types of service:

  • Regular service
  • Express service
  • Postal service

Wrapping It Up:

This information might be helpful for you to get a 10-year China visa in UK. As per the requirements, submit the documents to get the visa. However, it is best for you to approach the professional in Chinese visa Manchester to apply for the visa without any hassles. They are the experts with hands-on experience in the field, and help you get the visa in the timeframe so that you can enjoy a stress-free trip. They are honest and provide fast and efficient services.