As students investigate their universes and continually associate with the conditions around them, they harbor valuable dreams – dreams of expert achievement, of individual improvement. It is here that schools enter the image and give them brilliant freedoms to fuel their fantasies.

Presumed global schools mean to give a-list conveniences and framework to meriting students, encouraging a splendid scholastic and expert future. Furnished with cutting edge offices, capable educators, and SMART grounds, Global Indian International School offers satisfactory sustaining and backing to such students, guiding them towards their objectives. Its regarded GIIS Super Star Scholarship (GSS) is one of its drives to assist scholastically slanted students with leaving productive excursions.

What is the GIIS Super Star Scholarship All About?

The Super Star Scholarship by GIIS is a legitimacy based program that gives exemplary students a clear heading towards promising freedoms. It offers a favorable learning climate radiant with sufficient assets and urges brilliant personalities to take the jump!

The grant is explicitly intended for students who expect to seek after their schooling abroad at the GIIS Abu Dhabi’s school grounds. It assists students with achieving simpler admittance to rumored undergrad projects of their decision and in their picked subject(s).

Requirements and Conditions to Applying for This Scholarship

The grant is available to meriting students from ASEAN nations (for example Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore); South Asia (for example India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh); Gulf nations; and European Union nations.

The school supports the chose students’ schooling costs at the GSF grounds area.

The essential contrast between the Global Super Star Scholarship and the Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship is that while the previous is qualified distinctly to students who wish to learn at the GIIS Abu Dhabi grounds, the last obliges students looking for confirmation at GSF grounds of their decision inside their nations of home.

Hence, students who wish to concentrate inside their local nations may apply for the Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship.

The Global Super Star Scholarship’s legitimacy goes on for as long as two years for students who wish to seek after their eleventh and twelfth grades at the Abu Dhabi International School.

Qualification Criteria for the GIIS Global Super Star Scholarship

In view of the students’ legitimacy, this grant is extensively arranged into two classes:

Classification An incorporates students who have scored 96% or more in the CBSE, ICSE, State, or some other perceived board. students hailing from the IGCSE, GCE and GCSE sheets ought to have scored an A* grade taking all things together nine subjects. The school gives classification An students a 65% waiver on their educational expenses.

Class B involves students who have scored 95% to 96% in the CBSE, ICSE, State, or any of the other perceived sheets. students from the IGCSE, GCE and GCSE sheets ought to have scored an A* grade in 8 subjects. students from this class can benefit of a half markdown on their educational expenses.

Applying for the Global Super Star Scholarship: The In-Depth Process

Top Off the Application Form: Parents should top off the grant application structure accessible on the GIIS Abu Dhabi site. The structure likewise requires the candidates to transfer certain fundamental reports, like their scholarly records of the previous two years, UAE inhabitant VISA duplicate of the parent and understudy, and the Emirates ID duplicate of the parent and understudy.

Grant Assessment: Next, students should show up for a grant assessment, which causes the school to discover their qualification for the grant. students presently dwelling in different nations may take this assessment on the web, from the solace of their homes. The grant expects students to be exhaustive with the essentials of subjects like math, English and social examinations.

Grant Test and Interview: Next, if material, students should show up for a grant meet held by the school. The school may direct this meeting upon its tact, in the event that it accepts that an understudy’s qualification for the grant should be additionally affirmed.

Warning: Parents of effective candidates would be informed over email inside ten working days. If there should arise an occurrence of any inquiries, one may contact the school or leave a message in the ‘Reach Us’ page of the site.

Grant Selection: Finally, the determination and disbursal measure happens. Grant awardees should enlist inside about fourteen days and join the school inside 90 days of having won the grant.


The GIIS Super Star Scholarship is a huge venturing stone for scholastically slanted students to advance in their undertakings. Being an infrastructurally progressed city, Abu Dhabi is arising as an instructive and business center. What’s more, a school like GIIS furnishes students with head assets to satisfy their fantasies and get ready for an unlimited trip ahead!