Getting a charging error on a laptop is very common. If the user has a laptop device then you may face charging errors once in a while. The common reason behind the charging issues is the bum battery but there the user can also face this error due to various other reasons.

Reasons behind Laptop charging issues:

  1. The power cord is loose
  2. Software malfunction
  3. You are using a bum battery
  4. The power cord has cuts and kinks
  5. Your motherboard gets burned out


Troubleshooting Laptop charging errors:


Check the power cord

Whenever the laptop shows an error while charging, check the power cord. Sometimes the cord is loosely attached to the port and unable to charge the device. Take out the cord from the port of your laptop and reconnect it carefully. If the error was occurring due to a loose cable then reconnecting the cable will fix it immediately.

Check for the cuts or kinks on the cable

Sometimes the power cord gets damaged due to cuts or kinks. This issue mainly appears when the user has pets or rodents at home. Cats and rats often cut the cables at the home. Check the cable for cuts or any kind of damage. If your cable has any kinks then purchase a new cable for your laptop device. Now you can easily charge your laptop device. Always keep your charger or other electronic gadgets away from your pets reach.

Inspect the battery

When the battery plugged in not charging HP then inspect the battery on your laptop. Sometimes the battery of the laptop is not placed correctly and shows the charging error. Some laptops have removable batteries. If your battery is removable then take it out from your laptop and then press the power button of the system for about 10 seconds. All the remaining charge on the battery will get drained out. Now connect the power cord to the laptop and then connect it to the electricity source (without installing the battery). Check whether the laptop is working without a battery or not. If the system is working fine without the battery; your system and charger are working fine. The charging issues are appearing due to a loose or a bum battery. Reinstall the battery on the laptop correctly and now check for charging. If the battery is still not charging that means the battery becomes bum and needs to be replaced. Get a new battery and now you can charge it reliably.

Inspect your power port

The charging error can occur when the charging port is not working. The port can get damaged due to a short circuit or some other issues. Once the power port gets damaged, you can’t fix it manually. Now you can only charge the laptop after repairing it. Visit the service centre and ask the technician to replace the charging port of your laptop. After repairing the port, you can easily charge your laptop. Some systems also provide USB charging ports. You can also charge the system using a USB cable. But the normal cables are not powerful enough to charge the system. If you are charging the laptop with a USB cable and facing issues then check the wattage of your charger. If the wattage is low then replace it with a high wattage cable and then try to charge your laptop.

Check for the heat

The batteries can start showing issues with temperature fluctuation. If the temperature is too cold and hot; the batteries act differently. The laptop battery can show the error while charging if the system is overheated. The sensor of the battery may misfire. If your device is overheated then you have to shut down the PC for few minutes. Once your device cools down, now turn on your system and try to charge the battery. The heating issues mostly occur on older devices. The cooling system is poor on older devices and gets overheated easily. If you have an old laptop then you should use a cooling pad for the air vent. Also, check the battery settings on your laptop. The laptop charging error can appear when the adapter driver gets outdated. Update your driver and then check for the battery updating issues.