Education is a powerful weapon that can change the perspective of life. It inspires you not only to dream big but also prepares you to achieve your goals. Ahmedabad is one of the main cities of Gujarat selected by Times of India as the best city to live in India. Several best international schools and schools with CBSE curriculum in Ahmedabad swiftly change people’s mindset and shift them for the better. Find a reliable international school for your child and give them a strong foundation. 

Here are some of the best international schools in Ahmedabad: 

Global Indian International School

GIIS is a leading academic institution with numerous international awards for quality education, consisting of prestigious Asia Pacific Awards and National Awards. The multi-award-winning school provides a rich curriculum that nurtures various aspects of learning for the students. In this school, learners attain global exposure and insights through international knowledge-exchange programmes. Teachers at GIIS emphasise academic excellence and focus on various other student growth factors like skills development, artistic skills, sports excellence, leadership skills, and universal values. Such competencies help in career and vocational progression for students. They believe in a highly creative, well-balanced, age-appropriate and adaptive approach to steer student development, making them well-grounded personalities. 

Mahatma Gandhi International

It is a public-private partnership school established in 1998 by the educationists Pascal Chazot and Anju Musafir in collaboration with the Ahmedabad Municipal. It is an authorized IB school in Gujarat and enrols roughly 200 students from the local community and emigrant children. 

This school focuses on holistic learning instead of sticking to the traditional teaching approach. The learning process is observational with real-life, meaningful links. MGI offers equal opportunities and comprehensive education and reaches out to the economically disadvantaged by providing partial and complete scholarships throughout their academic career years. It is known to provide top-class facilities and faculties.

GEMS International School

GEMS is widely recognised for its excellent global standard of education in a supportive, safe and eco-friendly environment and fosters students to grow into their true potential through impressive academic programmes. Mixed with a wide range of co-curricular activities, it offers an air-conditioned classroom, swimming pool, tennis court, AC buses and a bunch of other facilities. From well-maintained classrooms to football fields, all these facilities are designed by keeping the students’ welfare in mind. Over the past few years, GEMS students have been accepted into quality universities. 

Ahmedabad International School

AIS is a leading private school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It offers the Cambridge International Examination curricula (CIE), International Baccalaureate Programmes, and Gujarat Board. Ahmedabad International School also has an educational initiative for the underprivileged children christened ‘Sneh Shrushti’, which means ‘world of love’, where free education is offered to adolescents. The school deals in holistic learning and goes beyond academics as it encourages students in yoga, sports, life skill trips, students council, and more. 

JG International School 

JGI is a top school in Ahmedabad and provides international standards of schooling to learners. It has a vast campus, modern school building, open area, and green lawns, meticulously made playfields, a play-park for younger children, and indoor games areas. The facilities enable the school to render top-class learning. Apart from this, the massive auditorium, health centre, dining, and residential facilities make living at the campus a lot more comfortable. Students can avail excellent exchange programs at JGI. 

Perks of Studying in International Schools 

Students studying in renowned international schools can take advantage of multiple benefits like: 

  • Offers necessary exposure to new cultures and teaches students an appreciation and respect for every culture, thus helping them get along well with people from different backgrounds. 
  • As children studying in international schools learn to respect other cultures, it sparks an emotional maturity in them. Moreover, a practical approach toward studies helps them work through everyday challenges, making them confident and determined in the process. 
  • Almost every international school in the city uses English as the means of communication, instruction, and teaching. Students must speak and write in English every day that naturally triggers fluency in the language. 
  • Extracurricular activities are a vital part of any international school. With such activities, children develop new skills. It offers a stunning boost to their innovative mind and imagination. Participation in newer activities daily also makes them focused, cooperative and confident. 

In conclusion, as a parent, you should aim to find the best international schools for your children. Encourage them to go after their dream and work hard!