Do you know which is the first language ever spoken? Well, it is sign language Stone Age man started speaking with sign language and communicated with each other.  Humans evolved and formed alphabets to communicate in a better way and convey their messages. Over centuries, we changed the alphabet and came up with what we have today. Although the transcriptions led to multiple languages. One major language introduced was English and it went on to be the most spoken language in the world. Imagine learning a language that has a long history and a vast culture. You can learn English through a private teacher anywhere anytime. Stay with us to know more.

Use a mobile app and master the language

As you know that new words are very important and play a crucial role in forming a language. You must build a strong vocabulary to speak fluent English. More words will give you more ways to form a sentence in any language. HeyCleo will help you learn different words daily and teach you to form new sentences. You can also submit your response and get write instructions in your chose language. Feedback is very useful to correct all the mistakes we make. Once you get the feedback from AI tutors you can work on all your mistakes and improve your language skills. English is a vast language and it has new words introduces frequently.

Virtual learning is exciting

No matter how old you are, you can learn English at any time. There is no age limit in learning a language. If you want to learn English then HeyCleo brings you digital learning. The English learning app has interactive teaching methods. You will get personal learning from an expert English teacher. The fun learning experience will help you excitingly learn the language. You can take new quizzes, tests, and games to improve your language skill. You can learn the language by sitting at home, that too at any time. You don’t have to attend lectures or school, just take your phone and start learning.

Use the internet and follow the trend

You must be aware that we all were hit with a pandemic, learning has taken a huge turn. Physical classrooms are replaced by digital classrooms. The entire system has shifted to an online method of learning. Learning knows no age limit, you can learn at all ages. If children use the internet to learn new things why should seniors stay back? Anyone keen to learn new things should use the internet and make the most of it. The Internet has several answers to the questions. Learning English gets stress-free if you have exceptional teachers who will direct you properly. Although online learning is acclaimed by many it also has certain difficulties. Complex functions and struggle in operating electronic device lead to difficulties. Do you have a solution for this? Well, we have one. Keep reading and find out.

Learn from examples

You often learn from examples we see in actual life. Even if you want to improve a mistake you need an example. Similarly, you will get to learn new words and meanings. You can use these words and create sentences and practice them. HeyCleo uses AI-based tutors to teach English. The AI tutor will assess your sentences and give you few written instructions in your language. You can improve all your errors by working daily. If you want to talk in English fluently, you need to keep a few things in mind. Learn new phrases, new words, idioms, practice by speaking to develop your communication skill.

Improve your speech

For developing your communication skills you have to practice your speech. Conversations generally get boring due to poor verbal skills. People generally lose interest in your speech or lecture if you keep on repeating the same things. All these problems occur because of a lack of practice. You need to learn new phrases and words besides improving your vocabulary. As you learn different words, however, you must use them in everyday conversations. This will help you build your confidence in learning new words at the right moment. Usually, people make errors while framing sentences, even if the words used are correct, poor sentence formation spoils the sentence. Hence you should practice your speech and vocabulary properly. The best way to practice speech is by talking to people. If you are unable to find English speakers around you, you can talk to yourself in front of the mirror. This is another way to develop verbal skills, by thinking in English. Yes, you must think in English and learn to make new sentences. This will enhance your cognitive skills, thinking in English forms a habit to speak in English.

Think in English

Can you read this sentence easily? What are you thinking right now? You are reading this article in English because your mind is thinking in English by reading the words. This is a proven trick suggest by experts. We usually think in our mother tongue or the language we know perfectly. If you want to learn English you must think in English this enhances your thinking ability and cognition skills. If you think in English, you will come across a lot of words that are easy in your language but difficult in English. To know the English translation of these words you can use a custom vocabulary lesson and learn new words.

The silver lining

Learning English will enhance your personality, you can develop new perspectives as well. People who are good at multiple languages hold an edge over their competitors. English will help you explore new fields and a wider market. Your audience will significantly increase in numbers because of your language skills. We encourage all the people who are willing to learn a new language and grow themselves. Technology has blessed us with many things and digital learning is one of them. Let’s make the most of it by learning English.