Writing a book is above all a need and a desire. A natural need, a need to say, to tell what one thinks. Becoming a writer is often a vocation for empowered people wishing to immerse themselves in the literary world. You are not born a writer, essay writer service you become one over time. Writing a book is really tedious, intense and requires a lot of time, total availability and an open mind.

How to have a beautiful feather in a few words

We write first for ourselves, then for our readers. To write is to reveal yourself, most often reveal your private life, your image, your experience, your past and your intimate life.

To become a writer, you have to be a reader. Reading is the essential tool for writing. You have to know how to put yourself in the reader’s shoes in order to have an outside point of view on your manuscript and identify unsatisfactory passages. Reading also helps develop creativity. The more we venture into the writings of others, the more we increase our ability to invent and create a world straight out of our imagination, whether realistic or fictional.

The writer needs training, advice, criticism in order to progress.

It is important to have those around you read your writings in order to have concrete and objective opinions.

So do not hesitate to share your writings in book clubs or on literary forums in order to have feedback that will allow you to move forward with more clairvoyance in your manuscript.

You can be talented, innovate, write well, work tirelessly for days ‘and fail’. The public is king, it is they who choose and decide on the conclusion to be given to the story.

How to get inspiration?

Writing is not an easy task, it is a way of calling the world to witness, settling scores, sharing thoughts.

When writing it can be easy to get distracted. However,

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distraction will distract you and may prevent you from writing. The author’s tip of the week is…

“Create a good working environment. “

In order not to be distracted, it is good to isolate yourself, to disconnect from the outside world, then to forget yourself in the writing work. To avoid any outside distraction, get out of your comfort zone and leave your home.

Going to an unfamiliar, more impersonal and calm place is a good idea. A media library or library are by definition excellent places to work. Quiet and calm, these places often offer spacious and unobstructed tables.

It is indeed important to have a large enough workspace, to be comfortable and be able to spread out your things and sheets of paper if necessary.

Certain objects are to be avoided, if not to proscribe and ban. In order to avoid being tempted to go to Facebook or check your emails,

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nothing like not connecting your computer to the internet, but also switching off your mobile phone (after having warned your loved ones of the need to isolate, so as not to worry them). Clocks are also a source of distraction: the time spent seeing the hours slip by is wasted time, but it is also a form of stress that clings us to reality and prevents us from forgetting ourselves.

Do we need silence to write? It depends on a lot of people, but it has been proven that for repetitive tasks (eg proofreading) music can help a lot. However, the music must not distract, stop and listen to it spontaneously. If you prefer silence, there’s nothing like the library, but headphones for listening to music that are big enough can also have a sound isolating effect.