Rhinoplasty has various benefits as most people opt for this treatment to improve their appearance to change the size of their nose. An ideal nose shape makes one look attractive, and rhinoplasty surgery enhances the facial harmony by making the nose ideally proportionate. The surgery also removes the nasal hump by changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip and achieving the desired look. It is also performed for transgender patients who want to make their faces look more feminine. A female nose is sleek, straight, and has a smaller tip-in comparison to a male’s nose. So, the rhinoplasty performed with an aim to make a person look more feminine is often termed as ‘Feminizing Rhinoplasty’ or ‘Nose Feminization Surgery’.  Many transgender females opt for Rhinoplasty surgery in India at Designer Bodyz performed by an expert FFS surgeon Dr. Parag Telang. The surgery makes the nose profile more feminine by adjusting and also accentuates the nose angle to give it a clear feminine outline and proportions. To know more about Rhinoplasty cost in India, pay a visit now at Designer Bodyz. Book an appointment now.

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