Within the last few years, the technology of Airbrush make-up has turned out to be very popular especially among the brides and in bridal makeup. Being well known for its natural finish, this new trend consists of a lot of confusions and misconceptions. Thereafter here we are disposing of the confusion about this airbrush makeup technique.

Myth 1: Airbrush Make-up will make you look aged

No, not at all, this makeup technique with its silk sphere technology covers your wrinkles and open pores. This further emphasizes minimizing the imperfections and fine lines of your skin that in turn gives you a radiant glow, which makes you look youthful. But if you already have deep wrinkles, then this makeup will sit down into the wrinkles which will turn them to be more noticeable. So for people with deeper and heavier wrinkles, it is always better to use cream-based or powder-based makeup besides maintaining a healthy skincare regimen. Also having healthy skin will add more positive results in the final look with the help of airbrush makeup as its technique will provide complete quality coverage.

Myth 2: It is unsuitable for every skin type

Several dermatologists as well as professionals providing makeup tips have tested the technique of airbrush makeup and they have confirmed that it is suitable for every skin type as well as it serves as a better option for acne-prone or sensitive skin types. It does not include gluten, phthalates and parabens and even it does not require the use of sponges or brushes so there is no chance of the build-up of acne-causing bacteria. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic product is perfect for sensitive skin.

The color-correcting pigments inculcated in the airbrush foundations are very good at covering the discoloration instantly. Also, any dark spots or blemishes can be treated perfectly.

Are you are someone with oily skin? This silicone-based makeup will stay all through the day without melting down. And if the dry skin is prepped up with a light moisturizer before the application of this makeup, then the airbrush makeup can do wonders for their skin.

Myth 3: Airbrush Make-up is heavy and feels burdensome

If applied correctly, then this airbrush makeup provides a natural coverage that is actually lighter on the skin because the airbrush technique needs only a little product. The correct quantity and quality of the foundation of airbrush makeup usually dry up very fast when sprayed from the perfect angle, thus creating a very thin layer of long-lasting coverage. The three-speed airflow of the makeup applicator along with the touch-based control of it makes the airbrush makeup a lot easier while adjusting the amount of makeup used. Starting from light and sheer coverage the makeup technique is able to pass a total coverage depending on your need. It can be done so because the airbrush makeup applicator acts slowly like a fine mist and with only a few drops of makeup a full coverage can be achieved.

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