We are the industry supplier for single-door and two-door pass through industrial dryers that can be gas-fired or steam heated and available in capacities ranging from 250 to 1200 pounds of dry weight. An industrial clothes dryer can tilt back or forwards, but the most common configuration is the 2-door, 2-way tilt that allows loading or unloading from the side of your choice. We also offer the control panel on either side of the industrial dryers, which saves you on installation costs as the industrial dryer machine can be closer to other ones, and installed in locations where it may not have been possible before.

These advances in industrial dryers also allow for useful features, such as simplified control panels that use color touch screens and a simple push-button operation for controlling tilt function and door position. Industrial grade materials mean that these next-generation industrial dryers will serve your business for years to come, even in the most challenging laundry environments.

A big part of the next generation of your industrial dryer machine is lower energy footprints. These new constructions feature a high-strength build with an improved frame design and a more secure closure. These newly engineered design features ensure less loss of heated air, which greatly reduces the use of energy while also keeping less dust and gas contamination in the air. These next-generation dryers are made for the harshest laundry environments and can endure temperature extremes.

We have built a business with a stellar reputation since 1961 and has become synonymous in the industrial laundry industry with quality and passion. Our has been constructing top-notch and durable dryers since 1983. We are known for supplying the industry with heavy-duty, high-efficiency, and high-productivity equipment that supports your business outcomes.

We attract customers worldwide from a range of industries, such as medical facilities, luxury hotels, and other institutions with high volume laundry services. We pride ourself on offering repairs to machines and parts regardless of age, which ensures they will always be responsive in servicing your equipment years down the line. We pride ourself on being the only U.S. dryer manufacturer specializing in industrial dryers. Visit us today to gather more information on the next industrial clothes dryer generation.