A point of sales system is a machine that can become the brains of your entire business. It can help you manage your sales, keep inventory, build a target audience, and give you beneficial insights. It is a unified system which replaced all your accounting books and Excel sheets. Whether you are an old or new business, an EPOS machine helps you jump on the digital bandwagon. If you are a cash-only business, this machine can help you transition smoothly into accepting virtual payments, through a card swiping machine, so that you can cater to a larger audience.

The simplest type of POS machine comes with a screen, a barcode reader and a card swipe machine. It does not have to be a hefty system that takes up your already limited space. However, if you are looking to install one for your business here are a few more types of POS machines:

Desktop POS System

A desktop POS system runs on a computer or a laptop. It needs an internet connection so that the POS software can connect to the cloud where all your information will be stored. You can connect devices such as barcode scanners, card-swiping machines or have a cash drawer installed in your system. Once your setup is done, your machine will work like a typical cash register with heightened security and fewer chances of mistakes.

A typical desktop POS system should have the following features:

  • Inventory Management: Once you feed in your inventory, the barcode scanner will automatically update the data numbers. So, you can view your stocks in real-time on your desktop and make a plan to replenish them accordingly.
  • Analytics: Your POS system will give you sales, inventory and customer reports as and when you want. These reports, without any manual labour, will help you make better decisions for your business.

Email Receipts, Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Programs can be carried out through a single unified system.

Mobile POS System

A mobile POS system, also called an Android POS machine, can be any smartphone or tablet acting as an electronic point of sale system. You can attach a card swipe machine (also available in wireless) to your phone or tablet, open your POS software or application and begin accepting payments. You can also add multiple devices such as barcode scanners and receipt printers to your phone for a more comprehensive arrangement.

An Android POS machine is extremely portable and convenient. Small businesses, pop-up shops, stalls and such business can benefit significantly from the mPOS system. If you have a robust POS software, you can even manage your inventory management, reports, and customer services through your phone.

You can use the desktop and mobile POS system simultaneously if your POS software allows it. So, you don’t have to put in an extra effort in making adjustments to your data on your central POS system if you decide to put up a quick-serve stall anywhere else.


Some of how a small business can benefit from installing a POS system are the following:

  • Convenience: An EPOS system not only offers comfort to the business-owner but to the customers too. They can make payments through any method of their choosing. They can make cash payments, pay virtually or use a card swipe machine.
  • Accurate Metrics: You can track your inventory, sales reports and much more in real-time. The room for error is next to nil.
  • Better Customer Management: You can manage your customers or your loyalty programs from the convenience of your Android POS machine.

Once installed, a POS machine becomes an indispensable part of your system.

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