Wafer Handling Robots Market has been growing sharply at the global and regional levels generating billions of revenue. With the slowdown in world economic growth, there was a certain impact on the optimistic growth, resulting in a change in the wafer handling robot market size and annual growth rate. In the next few years, wafer handling robots market size is expected to expand revenue, gross profit, business distribution, etc.

The type segment, channel segment, industry segment, etc. are covered while making considering the different market sizes.

Even if the production of semiconductors is complex, the automated semiconductor production system is carried out from one step to the next with the wafer handling solution.

Semiconductors are used in everything from small, smart computer chips to smartphones, tablets and various other factors used in all areas of everyday life. It is one of the central components in the automotive industry. The chemical element silicon is processed in the form of wafers during the production of semiconductors. The wafer front end is stored in special plastic cassettes under cleanroom conditions for numerous process steps. Engineers’ have developed various ways to automate the production process seeing the rising demand.

Automated Wafer Handling Solution

The wafer handling solutions are basically used for forming a single source automated transfer, usually used for handling various semiconductor cassettes. Additionally, a sophisticated gripper system is developed for stage repair and various other processes.

Mobility is provided on a mobile platform with omnidirectional motion. Real-time sensors are used to avoid collisions. Nowadays, human-robot collaboration is installed on the platform considering the sensitivity of the robots. They can handle the sensitive wafer cassettes safely with a customized gripper and no vibrations.

Wafer handling has both the hardware and software cleanroom applications. The wafer handling software solutions have been blend seamlessly into the manufacturers’ semiconductor execution system. The main focus is on integrating the software controls to ensure optimal automated semiconductor production. There has been an extremely flexible handling system on the market with short commissioning times.

Wafer Handling Robots are widely used in an automation device for wafer handling, and meeting the high standards of the fast-developing wafer handling technologies.

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