When you need to monitor mechanical systems, from robotics to industrial controls, a rotary encoder will get the job done well. As authorized encoder suppliers, the company provides you with top-notch optical rotary encoders and magnetic rotary encoders. Their manufacturing partner, HEIDENHAIN, supplies the industry with the highest quality encoders without fail.

To use a typical rotary encoder with integral bearing and stator coupling, connect the encoder’s graduated disk to the measured shaft. The stator coupling is used to support the guiding of the scanning unit to the shaft utilizing ball bearings. Benefits of stator coupling include being easy mounting, and the possibility of a hollow shaft.

HEIDENHAIN has a new KCI 419 Dplus rotary encoder designed for elevator use. This rotary encoder has many motor control benefits such as axial distance measurement, an extensive inductive scanning principle, and an absolute inductive rotary encoder. The axial distance measurement has an impressive measuring range of 0.5 mm to 1.6 mm under ideal conditions, and a typical 10 measuring strokes. The KCI 419 Dplus demonstrates smart integration of position values, while offering brake stroke and temperature monitoring. In addition to having online self-diagnostic abilities, the KCI increases safety by supplying the data needed to maintain proper working order. Additional benefits are increased remote monitoring capabilities and features for predictive maintenance. To ensure against overload, the KCI 419 has an additional temperature sensor that can be connected. The additional temperature sensor is seamlessly integrated into the encoder electronics. The warning threshold for the internal temperature reading is kept inside the EnDat memory area, and can be manually adjusted. When the encoder is shipped, a default value on par with the maximum permissible operating temperature comes as the default.

The KCI 419 Dplus is well known among encoder suppliers for its stellar operational reliability, and is a popular seller among the customers. The Company proudly supplies industry professionals with both optical rotary encoders and magnetic rotary encoders to ensure they have exactly what you need to empower your business. They are expert encoder suppliers and supply an array of services such as spindle analysis, machine tool calibration, and ballbar testing. Speak with the team of knowledgeable rotary encoder suppliers today to discover the best solution for your business.