With eco-conscious minds focused more and more on carbon emissions, it has taken a while for apartment building owners and body corporates to catch up with the ecological trend. However, a growing number of these groups are now looking to reduce their impact on the environment, and in turn, share in the benefits of solar power.

A worthwhile investment, adding commercial solar panels to the rooftops of existing apartment buildings provides cost-reducing benefits in communal areas such as elevators, parking lots, pools, gyms, and corridors. And whilst rules may vary regarding the installation of solar panels on individual units, the savings generated by adding solar to apartment buildings are substantial and well worth the initial outlay for decision-makers.

Environmentally responsible

Apartment buildings produce a massive carbon footprint. The impact of electricity usage alone is devastating to the environment. Luckily, responsible building owners are fast becoming aware of their effect on our planet, and are searching for ways to reduce emissions. A major contributor to carbon offset efforts is the installation of rooftop solar panels.

Along with reducing their carbon footprint, adding solar panels to a building’s rooftop can increase the overall value of the property, and in a perfect world encourage residents to consider greener choices.

For the common good

Generally speaking, every resident of an apartment building can benefit from the solar installation. From a dramatic drop in electricity costs to a reduction in carbon emissions, there are few reasons against opting for solar.

Despite some delay or hesitation from body corporates, solar providers are experiencing an increased interest in rooftop solar installations from building owners and developers. Along with the environmental benefits, solar provides a reduction in electricity bills within the building’s common areas and equipment.

New tech

In the past, installing solar systems to supply electricity to one or two apartments has been extremely difficult. However, recent developments in solar technology have enabled the power supply to be delivered to individual units.

This revolutionary new product can be used within any building where tenants share a roof. The device is able to monitor the electricity usage of each separate apartment and allows for additional units to be added down the track if necessary.

This is extremely beneficial to those who want to take advantage of solar power and are happy to share the installation costs. As long as the building owner is in agreeance, those who want access to solar can now have it.

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