No denial; everyone looks for the best hair loss treatment until they find the most optimal solution for it. Nowadays, the introduction of several hair loss treatments, medications, and home remedies has made it easier for everyone to treat male pattern baldness and other hair loss types. Gladly, PRP Hair Treatment Dubai is getting massive popularity due to its ever-lasting and natural-looking results. The process not only reduces hair fall but stimulates hair growth amazingly. People prefer this treatment because it ensures effective and less invasive results.

Indeed, PRP hair treatment yields positive outcomes if you have chosen the top-quality and professional hair transplant surgeon in Dubai for this purpose. Nevertheless, you can try some fantastic tips and tricks to accelerate the process of this special treatment.

But before that, let us briefly introduce PRP treatment and how it assures magical result.

What is PRP Treatment and How the Process Works?

Platelets Rich Plasma (Aka PRP) treatment is quite effective to treat hair fall effectively. The professional practitioners complete the treatment in three steps as only the experts know how to bring precision to their work.

Step 1: The surgeon extracts blood from a person’s body.

Step 2: The extracted blood is used for further processing.

Step 3: The last step is to inject/insert the extracted blood (PRP) into the desired and intended scalp area.

The entire process strengthens the hair follicles that stop the process of hair fall and regrow the hair as well. Generally, the experts recommend this treatment with other therapies to ensure long-lasting and better results.

Secret Tips to Enjoy PRP Results for a Longer Time

PRP treatment is not only popular in Dubai but all over the world due to its efficacy. However, you can also try the below-mentioned tips to improve the expected results.

  • Exercise Regularly

Everyone knows that exercise is beneficial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, it is equally important to exercise regularly after PRP treatment because high-intensity exercise helps enjoy PRP results. Moreover, another critical benefit of exercise is that it increases the flow of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) in the body.

The improvement in RBCs also increases the growth of PRP that makes hair growth better and enhanced. Additionally, it is advantageous for our immune system as well. So, opt for high-intensity cardio exercise to experience desired results.

We suggest you discuss with your surgeon when to start regular exercise soon after PRP treatment.

  • Choose Green Leafy Diet

Don’t you know green leafy vegetables are your best friend especially when you want to enjoy a healthy diet? We understand it is quite challenging to change your dietary routine, but green vegetables keep your body vigorous and healthy. However, eating green vegetables isn’t enough if you want to better PRP treatment results for a long time. You need to cut sugar and other products that can make you fat. Moreover, we suggest you eat a meal in multiple small proportions instead of taking two big meals.

With these dietary changes, you can strengthen your immune system, drop cholesterol level, and make PRR therapy better. So, eat healthy food and have a vibrant life.

  • Quit Smoking and Drinking

Indeed, smoking, drugs and alcohol are not suitable for everyone but continuing them after PRP therapy is highly harmful. Most researchers have confirmed that smoking can reduce the effect of PRP treatment negatively. It significantly reduces the volume of extracted blood (during the PRP process). Additionally, the toxins available in cigarettes can weaken the stem cells and mitigate hair growth.

Researchers also mention that PRP treatment ensures positive and evident results in non-smokers as compared to smokers. It requires substantial time to heal the wounds of smokers after PRP treatment. So, it suggested avoiding drugs and alcohol if you want to enjoy better results. Also, don’t smoke again after PRP therapy because it is impossible to heal wounds after smoking.

  • Stay Hydrated

It is essential to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Unfortunately, not everyone drinks enough water, but we suggest you drink enough water, especially after PRP treatment. We recommend you drink enough water before and after the treatment as it is necessary for your body. It also keeps red blood cells and haemoglobin at the desired level and makes the blood extraction process smoother during the treatment.

Therefore, develop this habit of drinking enough water no matter if you are undergoing PRP treatment or not.

Take Good Care of Your Hair

You need to maintain a healthy diet if you want to enjoy better results for a longer time. Avoid sun rays and take all the preventive measures before you leave your home.

Moreover, see your hair transplant surgeon more often for follow-up treatment.