With modernization impacting every sphere of light, environmental awareness has been instilled in our minds. We are adopting positive changes in our lives with each passing day. It ranges from lesser carbon footprint, saving water, saving trees, afforestation, sustainable living, and many more. 

One of the components without which life would have been impossible is electricity. It is one entity that everyone requires. It comes mainly from non-renewable resources, and it needs to be saved. The need for energy-efficient lighting solutions has led customers to buy LED lights. They are gradually becoming cheaper and provide brilliant service for a longer period.

Let us look at the reasons behind people opting for LED lights more than traditional lights:

  • Longer Service

The modern LED lights can provide uninterrupted service for approximately 50000 hours. This is about thrice as long as compared to fluorescent metal halides and the sodium vapour lands. It can operate for up to 40 times more than an incandescent bulb. Eventually, it can save you money because they have a low maintenance cost.

  • Saves Energy

The lights use low power and have high luminous efficiency and spot free illumination. Thus, they save energy. Moreover, LED lights do not deal with the poisonous mercury or vapour lights common with traditional lamps that require special care during their disposal.

  • Safe Lights

LED lamps produce minimal heat, which used to be an issue with traditional lights. Old-style incandescent lamps produced much more heat than light while consuming a greater amount of energy. As LEDs consume less power, they can work effectively on low voltage electrical networks, which ensures safety.

  • Easy to Handle

Due to their less complicated mechanisms, led lights are easy to use. Some modern-day LED tube lights have a robust metal construction or aluminium heat sink for better heat dissipation. They are slimmer than old-fashioned tube lights with in-built easy installation clips for user-friendly installation.

  • Convenient Size

The small size of the LED lights makes them open to myriad applications, including residential and commercial areas alongside traffic signals where the space for setting up the lamp is small, but the spread of light is more.

  • Better CRI

CRI or Colour Rendering Index is the extent to which a lamp can reveal the actual colour of objects as compared to natural light. The age-old Sodium Vapour lights were almost monochromatic, producing a yellow tint, which is not the case with LEDs with a better CRI range between 65 and 95. 

  • Create Directional Emissions

Most of the old tube lights emit light for 360 degrees, of which half of the light is blocked by the walls of ceilings; therefore, the power consumption is more, and energy wastage is high. On the other hand, LEDs emit 180 degrees of light, which only throws light on the required space.

  • UV Emissions Nil

LEDs emit the maximum of their energy in the visible spectrum. Infrared radiation is less in the emission. However, they produce no UV emissions. It means it is safe on the skin and eyes.

  • Low Voltage Requirements

Out of the many advantages of LED lights, one such advantage is that they can operate on very low voltages. It makes them suitable for lighting applications outdoor.

  • Variant Temperature

LEDs can be used at varying temperatures, from chilling cold to sultry hot. In any climate and weather, they work in the same way and provide spotless illumination.

  • CCT available

LEDs come under mainly two variants, viz, warm white light and cool white light.  The warm light emits a yellowish light for a soothing ambience. It illuminates the room without causing an eye strain. On the other hand, the cool white light is more bright and more suitable for activities that require focused and intense lighting.  

  • More Designs and Uses

There are many LED lights designs, including tube lights, LED bulbs for rooms, LED strips for outdoor spaces and events, LED panel used for large grounds and stadiums alongside shooting for videos and movies, etc. The LED lights are far better than traditional lights for the above reasons and more.