There are about 16000 cases of AVN in India and most of them require replacement surgeries. Before diving into the best doctors for consultation in regards with the disease, first let us get into the brevity of the disease as to what the disease actually is and its potential health risks.


AVN is a bone disorder in which the bone tissues die due plummeted blood supply. Bones become fragile and start to break causing bone fragmentation and minor fractures inside the bone.  It most commonly affects the hip and knee joints but not limited to them, it can cause joint pain in shoulders and other prominent joints of the body, later on transforming into Osteonecrosis Treatment. This disease generally affects men more than women. Risky for people above 40 years of age. The disease causes loss of one’s mobility due to severe joint pain and ultimately requires surgery at later stages.


The disease does not show symptoms at the initial stages and you might feel pain in the joints when carrying out physical tasks and it is persistent in nature. In the early stages you might ramshackle the affliction caused but it worsens overtime.


Since the disease shows no symptoms in early stages, it’s difficult to catch the culprit but can be diagnosed through X-rays, MRI’s, CT scan, bone scans, and some other  tests.


  • Imprudent alcohol consumers and cigarette smokers.
  • Consumption of high doses of corticosteroids
  • People between the age group of 30 – 50.
  • More in men as compared to women


There is bulk of doctors treating AVN in India who have successfully treated millions of people but we have listed here the best ones for you:

  • Shivaya clinic and hospital – The hospital is owned by Dr Avinaash Singh Chauhan who claims that treatment of AVN is possible without any surgery and the magic lies in Ayurveda. He has treated thousands with his medications and is one of the best doctors in India who has been dedicatedly and successfully treating people of the aversions caused due to AVN. He asserts that Ayurveda can successfully treat AVN without any expensive replacement operation of joints with pure Ayurvedic medications and physiotherapy exercises. If we go through some of the reviews on his website, everyone is happily content with his treatments and has given constructive feedback. He aims at alleviating the pain within a few weeks of religious treatment and is extremely assiduous in taking up patients’ query with utter resolution.  Patients can readily book appointments through the website He is officially located on the given address B-179, Awas Vikas Colony( Near Kanpur-Lucknow) Unnao-209801.


  • DR SANJAY AGGARWALA – he is orthopedic specialist and specializes in knee and hip replacement surgeries, are usually done at later stages when AVN is too arduous to control and too much damage has been caused to the bones which can’t be repaired with the help of medications.  Dr Aggarwala is practicing for the past 15 years now and has been relentlessly working for his patients by giving them medications that avoid replacement surgeries. He is the medical director, chief of surgery and the HOD of orthopedics at the Mumbai based PD Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre. He does a biophosphonate therapy, the cost of which turns out to be only rs150/- , the relief can been seen in between 3-6 months of consumption of medicine, that postpones or avoids hip or knee replacement surgery which is really expensive. There is a study performed by him for about 8 years and the path breaking discovery is now been entailed in the legendary books of orthopedics and rheumatology books internationally that has been curing patients and reduce the chance of surgery by 80%.
  • AVN AROGYA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL– This hospital is located in various cities of India like Bangalore , Andhra, Mumbai, Chennai and many more they have the legacy of treating joint pain without surgery and specialize in avascular necrosis treatment without surgery  with ayurvedic aid which  does not have any side effects. The treatment is done by experienced doctors and trained therapists. They have converged modern diagnostic tools and procedures with traditional ayurveda.
  • KOKILABEN DIRUBHAI AMBANI HOSPITAL – Dr Shreyash Gajjar  is the lead orthopedic consultant in the hospital with and establishing experience of 22 years in this field and done more than 3500 surgeries till now and global success rate being 90- 95% and national success rate 95-98%. If you are in the 3rd or 4th stage and if it’s requisite to go for surgery you can definitely contact him and get yourself treated without a second thought. He has been counseling patients and recommending the best treatment for them. He is an absolute expert in the field of joint replacement surgeries and done fellowships and treatments internationally and is recognized internationally for his contributions and surgeries.