Facial Feminization Surgery or FFS is a set of specific advanced cosmetic procedures that aims to restructure the facial features in a more consistent way to provide a more feminine and beautiful appearance. Various factors are responsible for making women look less feminine, but Facial Feminization Surgery provided in India at Designer Bodyz can help transgender women and females get the desired beautiful feminine look. Dr. Parag Telang is one of the Best Surgeons for Facial Feminization Surgery in India and the UK and has helped many people to achieve the desired feminine look. Facial Feminization Surgery is a highly individualized procedure, and an ideal candidate for this treatment is one diagnosed with persistent gender dysphoria. Several lab testing and other medical evaluation tests are performed before conducting the treatment to determine one’s candidacy for this treatment. During the consultation period, Dr. Parag analyzes the individual facial anatomy and suggests the changes needed to establish the face’s feminine appearance. The best thing about this treatment is that it retains one’s face’s unique appearance and adds the touch of femininity by highlighting certain features that help make one look more feminine. At the clinic, the best facial feminization surgery results performed by the best surgeon for facial feminization surgery in India, Dr. Parag Telang.  Here you can see patients of facial feminization surgery before and after photos performed by Dr. Parag at the clinic. Book an appointment now.

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