ServiceNow provides technical management support for IT industries that offers many business solutions to various organizations. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider in the IT sector. ServiceNow assists the organizations by maintaining the various workflows without any service-related issues with the customers. Various services of ServiceNow include IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, Software Asset Management, Security Operations, Governance, Risk and Compliance, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management. ServiceNow Ticketing Tool is adopted by several organizations to resolve their company-related issues followed by a well-framed management structure. and also we can learn more by ServiceNow Training

What is Servicenow Ticketing Tool

The  IT industry consumes a lot of time load, effort, and money in resolving the issues. The ServiceNow Ticketing Tool is an application that is introduced to prevent all those related issues which work in a well-organized stepwise process to resolve users’ issues. Servicenow online training The well-organized IT process management always implements a step-wise approach in their working environment and ServiceNow is not different from any of them. The ServiceNow Ticketing Tool works in a 3-step process, in the first stage an issue is reported, secondly, it is managed in the best possible way, and finally, the issues are resolved with the capability of highly skilled professionals and an advanced computing system. This is the complete working structure of this ServiceNow Ticketing tool, and now, let us now go through the deep insights of working with ServiceNow Ticketing Tool.

Servicenow Financial Benefits

ServiceNow provides the following financial benefits to an organization and the users as discussed below.

Reduce downtimes and associated operational costs:

Long downtimes will cost horribly and it doesn’t simply obstruct employee productivity. If an organization has an average of just 5-minute network downtime a month, then it approximately loses $300,000 on business disruptions a year. ServiceNow can restrain these losses.  If an organization is having 2,000 employees with 10K yearly tickets in which a hundred tickets are of high priority, ServiceNow can annually save $208,000 solely by speeding up ticket resolution.

IT costs cutting:

The IT department of an organization having 2,000-employees can save even more due to an increase in productivity. They can compare the ticket types, prioritize them, adequately allocate required resources for their resolution, and have IT service provision under control. Moreover, ServiceNow will help them to automate numerous repetitive tasks, such as password resets and access rights requests. Concerning the ServiceNow value calculator, the result means saving not less than $450,000 a year. However, ServiceNow doesn’t exactly show how, so we don’t suggest expecting these figures, at least because it’s the result of implementing more advanced ServiceNow functionality than ticketing.

Increase user satisfaction:

Since the average ticket resolution times decreases considerably, user satisfaction rates are expected to rise proportionally. Well-organized ServiceNow processes will boost a change in your IT infrastructure towards providing user support to trigger positive feedback. The users will also find it helpful that ServiceNow keeps them informed about their tickets in many different ways.

Maintain visibility across IT operations:

ServiceNow lays a strong foundation for the IT department’s processes that would certainly lead to visibility across IT operations. It makes it easier for IT specialists to navigate in a clear and visible process hierarchy and train new members in the IT department.

Monitor and managing performance of the IT department:

ServiceNow provides visual and intuitive reporting functionality for measuring the performance of an IT unit. The operational analytics helps the IT service managers in identifying the areas of service provision problems and finding the methods to improve them. Moreover, the IT teams, such IT operations reports can be used on a higher administrative level to assess the performance of the entire organization more comprehensively.