Most people think of spa days and cozying up by the fire when it comes to relaxation. What most people don’t realize is massage is not only great for relaxation, but it has some great therapeutic benefits too.

The word massage is a more general term, and can be categorized into more specific massage types for example swedish massage (used for relaxation) or sports massage used by athletes for better recovery after their workouts. The greatest thing about using massage as a therapy is that it doesn’t take much time to show it’s therapeutic effects. Studies have shown thatĀ  a 20 minute long massage session can kick in the therapeutic benefits of massage. Which means a traditional massage session you can get in a spa for 50 minutes long is more than enough to kick in all the good stuff happening in your body.

1) Anxiety

If you’re someone that is suffering from anxiety, then studies suggest you should get yourself a massage! Massage is known to have beneficial effects of chronic anxiety. Your body uses two types of sympathetic symptoms. One is used for the flight or fight response while the other is used in more normal and calm situations. Activities like massage can induce much relaxation to trigger calm nervous symptoms.

Just in case you’re wondering, these effects on anxiety can remain for a long time. Instead of just vanishing off as soon as the massage is finished. Hence, massage and massage chairs are a great way to combat stress and anxiety in a natural way.


2) Sleep More Soundly

Are you one of the sufferers of insomnia? Sleeping normally again could be a dream that massage can make true for you. The amount of sleep you get is directly related to the activity your nervous system does. Massage actually slows down your nervous systems. The moment you start to get proper and adequate sleep you start to get more time to repair your body. And it in return reduces you overall pain.

3) Fight Fatigue

We have all been there. After a tough day at work, or getting all the chores done for your home could make up a hectic day. For many people the reason for fatigue could be lack of sleep. For others, it might be some biological factors that come into play. A study done is patients of breast cancer found out that massage alleviated the fatigue in patients by a lot. Thaise massage sessions were held weekly and the results were significant within a month. So GettingĀ  a Massage once a week is a great option if you suffer from fatigue. If however, you would not like to get an appointment at a spa every now and then. Consider buying the best zero gravity massage chair below $1000. These can be affordable when you look at the long term costs. And also provide you the best possible massage experience in the comfort of your home.

4) Heal Injuries

OK, So we already know massage can help increase your blood flow. But what has it got to do with healing injuries? Basically, all the nutrients in your body are passed by your blood to all the body parts that need them. When a healthy blood flow increases in your body. You can surely heal fast from your injuries.