It’s very unlikely you will find a universal Cloud Accounting Software service. A reliable service like Acumatica can have an impressive offer but still not meet your commercial requirements. If you are looking for an affordable Acumatica alternative for your business then you’re at the right place now. Averiware is providing the most trusted Acumatica ERP alternative for Small-medium businesses with advanced cloud ERP modules.

An Alternative to Acumatica ERP and Other Cloud ERP Software

Averiware ERP is a great alternative to Acumatica for distributors considering switching software. Averiware ERP is fully integrated delivering sales, CRM, eCommerce, customer service, fulfillment, inventory control, purchasing, warehouse management, accounting, financial tracking, reporting, and business intelligence functionality optimized for multiple distribution industries. Averiware ERP accommodates the needs of distributor partners such as trade associations, buying groups, and others with features like EDI, rebate processing, electronic price updates, and extensive standardized data imports. Averiware ERP can be run on any device that runs a standard web browser and needs no other software installed on the device.

How Averiware compares to Acumatica in various industries?

Processes, workflows, and data demands vary greatly by industry. Most ERP software vendors offer industry-specific editions as well as the ability to customize the software to meet the specific needs a business might have.

Averiware’s core industries include:

  • Distribution Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Services Companies
  • Wholesale Management
  • Ecommerce Companies
  • Fitness and Health Club
  • Nonprofits
  • Advertising, media, and publishing

Averiware offers an array of versions for what it calls micro verticals in areas including apparel, footwear, and accessories; restaurants; food and beverage; health and beauty; and more.

Why Choose Averiware as Acumatica Alternative?

Below are the advanced key features from Averiware cloud ERP software that provides richer functionality and a greater ability to scale with a customer’s growth and your business goal.

1.Customer Relationship Management

Customer management is an essential feature for small businesses. It lets owners keep track of customer profiles and interactions. If you need to see a customer’s full history with your company, including their quotes and orders, this feature makes it possible.

2.Multi-Location Order Management

Order processing can become complicated as your business grows, so it’s important to choose a cloud ERP software that offers an order management feature. This lets you finalize quotes, create orders, and update them if customers request any changes. It’s wise to choose a system that supports multi-location orders so the platform will scale with your growing company.

3.Case and Issue Management

Customer issues are a regular occurrence for any business, no matter how dedicated it is to customer service. Patrons will have complaints or questions, and you can’t let them fall through the cracks. A case and issue management feature lets you track customer issues and ensure those problems are resolved in a timely fashion.

4.Pricing Management

Offering promotions and campaigns can make keeping track of your pricing very challenging, especially as you start offering more products or services. Cloud ERP systems should include a pricing management feature to help you track all pricing-related data. You can also use this feature to track offers like gift cards and coupons.

5.Inventory Management

Managing inventory on paper or on spreadsheets isn’t efficient, and the data isn’t always current. To update your data easily, you need cloud ERP software with an inventory management feature. This feature gives you real-time data about availability and stock levels across multiple locations.

6.Billing and Account Management

Cash flow management is essential for any small business, and the best way to have a healthy cash flow is to make sure your customers pay you quickly. This is why cloud ERP software should have an account management feature. This allows you to track and manage your company’s invoices and payments, while email notifications remind your customers to pay on time.

7.Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing campaigns are essential for businesses, and that’s why cloud ERP software should include a marketing campaign management feature. It lets you create and control your company’s marketing efforts more intuitively. The feature also helps you track how well your various campaigns are performing.

8.Self-Service Portal

Customers don’t always want to call or email a business when they need help, so a self-service portal is an important ERP feature. This also increases your business’s efficiency since customers can solve their own inquiries. With this feature, prospects can browse your catalog on their own and place orders when they’re ready. Customers can also view their past orders and make payments.

Choose the perfect alternative to Acumatica

The perfect alternative to Acumatica is Averiware is a fully integrated Cloud ERP Software that gives you full business control over your business activities, including warehouse management, inventory management, and order management. Built-in the cloud and customized for your needs, Averiware helps companies improve customer satisfaction, reduce order times, and control costs across the entire business operations.