Movies have always paved the way as the most crucial and superior art form in visual media. After that, followed TV shows and now limited series and documentaries are extremely popular due to streaming. Another reason for their success is how streaming services are producing them with big budgets and making them engaging. 

Cartoons were just for kids, earlier, however, that does not imply that they were less popular. Cartoons have been a great source of entertainment, which now is even more popular due to streaming websites like Kisscartoon. This website has been providing users with an abundance of joy and entertainment through streaming cartoons, anime and shows. However, there have been issues about the legal aspect of Kisscartoon which we will uncover in the next section. 

What are the issues faced by Kisscartoon and how to watch content despite them?

Kisscartoon does have a plethora of cartoon shows and anime but it does not show them legally. The content that you stream or download from Kisscartoon are not doing by having copyrights to these shows, rather it performs copyright infringement while streaming them.

Now, if you live in a country where these cartoons are banned then use these measures. 

  • Use Kisscartoon alternative sites to watch your favourite cartoons.
  • Use a VPN, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN etc. to stream your favourite cartoons.

 Whenever a site is banned, especially torrent sites, its users make multiple proxy and mirror sites instead of it. Go and use Kisscartoon mirror and proxy sites to stream your cartoons.

Now, let’s look at the Kisscartoon alternatives to see where you can watch cartoons for free. 

As we told you that if you live in a country where Kisscartoon is banned then you might have a tough time finding sites where you can watch cartoons. We will solve this puzzle for you and we bring to you the best Alternative to Kisscartoon where you can binge your favourite cartoon shows online. 

  1. ToonGet: Toonget is such an old website that allows you to watch cartoons with kids. Its domain name has been the same for years, similar to KissCartoon and is a great alternative to it.
  2. Toonova: The name only suggests that it might be a cartoon website. The amount of creativity that went into the name matches the creative content that it has on it. With easy to use interface, Toonova proves to be the best alternative to Kisscartoon. 
  3. Watch Series: You might be wondering from the name that it just streams series, but that’s not the case. It does stream series, but with that, it streams cartoon shows and movies that you might love and find this site to be the perfect alternative to Kisscartoon.