Did you know that with a little bit of research from your side, you get the opportunity to catch up with the best earbuds for a long-lasting musical journey or experience? If you search for the best budget earbuds, you will come across so many companies offering the best results now. However, it is important to check in with the most reliable names as you are going to spend some of your hard-earned money on the item. Well, you don’t have to look any further for the premium quality earbuds for your man when you can get them straight from the house of Boult Audio.

Pro Buds:

Among all the possible options available, Pro Buds from Boult Audio is getting more popular among the masses. It is now available in two different colors. It is noted to be one powerful beast, which will go on for 24 hours with standby for 3 days.

  • It has a runtime of 6 hours and 24 hours of playtime with the case. Moreover, this product has 80 hours of standby time as well.
  • The stunning aesthetics of this product is what make it completely unique from the rest. It is crafted meticulously, with every fine detail of the acoustic to be considered.

Free Pods:

Available in three different colors, Free Pods is available at some major discounted rates. These are considered to be some cool gadgets for men and will be a great birthday gift for the men out there.

  • With it comes All-day freedom of music. You will receive 15 hours of music with a single playtime of 5 hours. The total playtime is of 15 hours and with a standby of 50 hours.
  • The thing that will take these products up a notch is that they will never fail to leave an impression with stem-style design and the elegant body. It has passed multiple tests designed for durability.

Live Buds:

Another interesting option that is available at just mere 1499 rupees is the Live Buds from the same source, namely Boult audio. It has 24 hours of working battery life and a wakeup and pair option. It is also noted to be IPX5 waterproof, so it can be a great product to take with you while going for a run or swim.

These are a few of the many options from the house of Boult Audio when it comes to the musical journey. Go through all the possible options before the next final stop.