If you are looking for the best high school education for your child, then you can consider enrolling your child in one of the top independent schools in Vancouver BC. These schools can help your child achieve his/her career goals with their focused approach to teaching. There are numerous independent or private schools in Vancouver, British Columbia. A question most parents have is how to select one of them. To help you, we have guidelines that make it easier to choose an independent school.

Guidelines to choose the best independent school

The following are guidelines you can keep in mind while comparing independent schools in Vancouver:

1. Check if the school is accredited. This ensures the high school qualification obtained of value. Also, find out if the school has tie-ups or partnerships with other institutions of higher education. Such partnerships can help students earn college credit while at high school.

2. Find out whether programs of international repute like the AP or IB are offered. These will help add value to the student’s stay at the school.

3. Understand the class size. One of the reasons why people choose independent schools is that it has smaller class sizes. This can help in providing individual attention to students. So, find out how many students would be in a class.

4. The teaching methodology has a role to play in quality education. Find out what teaching methodology is used. Experiential learning can help enhance the learning experience.

5. Apart from academics, the best independent schools in Vancouver BC offers a range of extra-curricular activities for students. These activities would help students learn additional skills that improve their personality. Activities done through student clubs can help students pursue their passion.

6. Career-focus is a key benefit offered by independent schools. You need to find out how this is ensured. Find out if any extra programs or courses are offered to help in their future career. The best schools would have a career counselor to help students make a clear-cut career plan. With such a plan, students can be more focused on their college admission.

7. Find out the past performance of students. Ask for track records of results. Find out how many students have been admitted to top colleges and universities.

8. You need to visit the school and check out things for yourself. See what kind of infrastructure and facilities are available. Talk to the teaching faculty to understand their approach to teaching. This will help you understand the academic environment in the school.

9. Talking to students of the school or past students can be helpful. The feedback you get would be accurate and will help you make an informed decision.

10. Lastly, find out the fees charged and try to understand if you can afford it. Find out if any scholarships are available.

This blog can serve as a guide to help you decide where to enroll your child in high school. The guidelines given here can help you compare different independent schools in Vancouver BC and select the best among them for your child.