V-line jaw shave is one of the best ways to make the wide face look more feminine. To make a face v-shaped, the jaw needs to be angled and refined properly. This look of the jawline is considered unattractive by many females, and with jawline surgery in India, one can get the desired jawline shape. The male jawline is heavier built and tends to be wider, and the female’s jawline has a gentle curve from the earlobe to the chin. Jawline feminization surgery can reduce the jaw’s appearance and size and make it look rounder and narrower at the square corners near the back of the jaw bone. Many people also combine jaw feminization surgery with chin recontouring to create a harmonious balance of these two adjacent areas. Dr. Parag Telang is an expert facial feminization surgeon in India who has performed more than 400+ FFS surgeries. He is also an expert in performing various other FFS surgeries like butt augmentation, hairline advancement, brow lift, Adam’s apple shaved, rhinoplasty, and forehead reconstruction surgery in India. To know more about the surgery procedures, contact Dr. Parag Telang. Consult now.

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