One may think of massage chairs as a luxury, but the fact is they have become a major need of the time we live in. Constant work stress, pandemic confining people to their homes, and other house chores have made our lives cumbersome. Therefore, it has become an ultimate solution for relieving stress at home to bring in massage chairs. There are numerous options available in the market to choose from. However, one can find the best zero gravity massage chair and the Best Massage Chair for Tall People in 2021 with the help of this article. 

We have shortlisted the best massage chairs in terms of alleviated massage and the wide space. So that tall and obese people can enjoy relaxing massage from the comfort of their home.

What are Zero-gravity Massage Chairs?

Although most massage chairs have somewhat similar working mechanisms, some of them differ in a few features. These features tend to change the whole outlook of the massage chair. For example, many massage chairs come with footrests and inbuilt rollers. But not every chair allows the footrest to extend and elevate your feet.

In the case of zero gravity massage chairs, the footrest not merely extends; instead, it has the ability to elevate one’s knees and feet in such a way that they become slightly higher than the heart.

Lying in this position in a massage chair helps to reduce the pressure off one’s spine. In addition to this, a zero gravity massage chair induces a sense of weightlessness that calms the body enormously. 

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Out of the most recognized and acclaimed massage chairs from the best sellers, we have come up with five of the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs. The list is as follows;

  • BOSSCARE Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
  • iRest SL Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
  • Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • OFAN Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
  • Kahuna Massage Chair 

The above-mentioned massage chairs offer varied inclination levels, heat massage, body scan features, and airbags. 

The sole purpose of zero gravity massage chairs is to create a sense of weightlessness to eliminate pressure and stress among muscles. 

One can resort to other options in zero gravity chairs as well. However, the chairs included in the list as mentioned above are among the best selling. Moreover, all of them are available online. That means one can order them online, and all of them come with easy assembling options.

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People in 2021

Tall people, similar to obese folks, often struggle with fitting in a massage chair. Many of the massage chairs offer narrow space for seats along with small armrests. Such chairs fail to meet tall people’s needs. These chairs either do not have sufficiently long backrests, or the legs do not fit in the calf rest of the chair. Therefore, tall people must look for right-sized massage chairs.

Though, the best zero gravity massage chairs mentioned in the previous section are wide enough to cater to the needs of tall and obese people. 

However, we have curated a list of the best massage chairs for tall people in 2021, focusing on the size of the massage recliners.

The list mentions;

  • BOSSCARE Zero Gravity Massage Chair 
  • Real Relax Massage Chair
  • iRest SL Track Massage Chair 
  • iRest AI Voice Control Full Body Massage Chair Recliner
  • Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair
  • Pawnova PU Leather Massage Chair
  • OWAYS Massage Chair
  • Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair

The Bottom Line

Investing in a good massage chair can be challenging, but believe us that it is worth it. What can be better than this that you have access to massage whenever you need it, wherever you want in your house? So instead of going out in this pandemic and risking everyone around you, including yourself, we recommend you buy any of the best zero gravity massage chairs. 

Moreover, the lists produced in this article for zero gravity massage chairs and the best massage chair for tall people in 2021 aims to assist you in making your wise purchase.