There are millions of websites on the net and most of them are not mobile friendly. By optimizing your website for smartphones and tablets, you can do well on different search results. People these days prefer browsing the websites on their smartphone or tablets. As per a survey, around 80% of the people keep their smartphones within their arm’s length to search for a product or service. Mobile SEO has come up as a new technique to make your online business reach a large number of targeted audiences. Mobile SEO is required to acquire high rank when targeted audiences are searching the product on their mobile gadgets. A mobile optimized website presents content well on a phone, does not require zooming, is easily readable on small screens, is easy to navigate with a finger and is understood properly by Google. You can hire the best Mobile SEO Services Company in India to gain the attention of prospective customers.

You can make your website mobile friendly by 

  • Writing brief and concise content
  • Make your website responsive to smart devices
  • Through use of bigger text size so that smart-phone users can easily read it without zooming it.
  • Avoiding large size images that take too long to load on handheld devices.
  • A simple layout structure of your website will enable users to navigate easily on your website

Mobile search is growing at an astounding pace and it is advisable to have a mobile friendly website. The primary objective of mobile SEO is to enhance the user experience on handheld digital devices like smartphones and tablets.  Some people may ask you why is Mobile SEO important? To educate and inform them, you can list the following points – 

  • It makes your website fast, light and mobile friendly.
  • It makes your website preferable for smartphone users.
  • Increases the chances of a visitor to make purchases on your website
  • It makes your website easy to navigate through handheld digital devices