From the first day of your business, you might not be in need of a professional to deal with your finances but sooner or later you will require one as it is not just about the daily transactions of your business, still, you need to take care of the transactions as it’s about the health of your business, if you take care properly it will give you relief when you’ll be in need most as during the time of Audits or at the end of the year when you’re closing your files and preparing the financial statements.

Bookkeeping itself is a big topic that requires technical knowledge and training before stepping into this career for example the knowledge of basic accounting. Bookkeeping services include the tracking of all cash flows, transactions, keeping the record of financial transactions, and preparation of financial statements. Preparation of Financial statements including balance sheet, cash flow statements, income statements, statement of Business owners’ equity.

In this new world of globalization and technology boom, one can easily hire an online bookkeeper for personal business at a very affordable price. Markets are also very competitive which helps you to have the bests among all. Some service provider is providing you the Mobile Application too along with the software so you can enter or manage the accounts easily all the time without any commitment or contract. Isn’t it the relief?

Online Bookkeeping services providers are not just only providing the Bookkeeping services plus they are also providing you the accounting services including tax advice, payroll services. This is a good deal to have rather than hiring a number of professionals for all these services individually. Online Business Bookkeeping services provider will give you all of them under a single umbrella.

Virtual Bookkeeping Service Providers

Just with the single search lots of names of the service providers will pop up in front of you. All of them will be claiming lots of perks and tension-free services, there are also some constraints too. Let’s discuss some of the sound service providers and compare their pros and cons.

Some major soft wares which are among the Bookkeeping service providers are mention below along with specifications.


They are supposed to be the best bookkeeping service providers for small business startups yet. They provide you the Mobile phone application too along with the software so you can access your books easily anywhere you want with just a click.  You’ll be assigned a bookkeeper who will do your books on QuickBooks for you with a minimum of 15 years of experience as they claimed.

They close your books monthly and provide you the financial reports monthly, also offer full-time payroll service with additional charges. They also provide you the inventory management, customized invoice service for you, and cloud accounting to support your data.

After a brief discussion of their pros let’s talk about some of their cons. They don’t serve accounting services like, tax advising, on behalf of you and bill payments.


Xero software is the new accounting and bookkeeping software and is very popular among the new startups or small businesses. It takes care of the businesses operating across the globe. It provides currency conversion readily, using cloud space to be effective, automated bank entries, easily accessible across the globe. Xero can be integrated with other programs like payroll providers. On top of all this, they also provide you training on-demand although Xero terminologies are understandable even with basic knowledge of it.


Tax advisory, payroll services, and inventory management are excluded from these services.


This Software is providing you the free invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning services along with bookkeeping services plus full payroll services at a very affordable price. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or freelancer looking for something free then Wave apps are the best. Their unlimited expense tracking free accounting software is a must-have.


There are always some drawbacks with the plus points, the free version has some limitations even if you get paid one there feature are less than the competitors.

Zoho Book

Zoho Book is a fast-growing bookkeeping and accounting software. This is rich with useful business tools like, a mobile application, invoice generation, bills generation, Inventory management, making real-time customizable reports, and also the documentation feature is here so you can attach any file at any time with the reports. There is also a unique feature of automation so you can save time by automating business workflow and working on your business growth.

There are lots few cons about this move advanced features are only available to premium subscribers there automatic accounting process lags over massive work, and there is limited integration plus no payroll service.


Long and short all of have pros and cons too, to know which is best you should understand your own requirements like payroll services, invoice or bill generation, and limitations like budget, or workload. After understanding your own requirements and limitations you’ll know which is best suitable.

For beginners Wave is providing you accounting, customized invoice free, it will be a big steal. Besides Zoho Books and Xero is also providing some legit features at affordable prices which again depends on which suits best.