Bravo! You have been getting higher productivity with all different projects of the clients. However, are you able to provide the accurate total working hours in your quotation? If not, this becomes a sad part as you may not receive the payment as much as you deserve. Well, this technology has made life relatively more manageable. The time-tracking software becomes your inspection master, which will give exact time-readings of your working hours.

There are various time-tracking tools with unique features. The primary work of this software is to make sure that you get paid accurately for all types of projects- flat rate or high rate projects. After good research of 40 apps, here are the five best time tracking apps you may look at for your project.

5 Best Time Tracking Software for Every Business

Check out the top 5-time tracking software below:

  • WorkStatus
  • Toggl Track
  • Harvest
  • Everhour
  • HourStack

1. WorkStatus


Workstatus has a lot more than just time-tracking. The exciting features are GPS tracking, geofencing, project management,  detailed reporting,  payroll, and many other features. It tracks real-time and provides productivity. Well, it is way more than that, it gives solutions with data loss prevention, employee monitoring, privileged user monitoring, remote tracking, and user activity monitoring. It’s a more conventional and best solution to any modern-day business issues. The WorkStatus is a reliable choice for all consultants from any industry. Almost 67 countries are using this software across the globe. Clients are impressed with its unique approach of helping the organizations and get their projects streamlined.

Cost– Free

Compatibility– chrome, iOS, and Android

2. Toggl Track


The toggl track app holds all core functions that are a must for time tracking. It has a free service to access all, i.e., Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and browser. Anyone can use the Toggl track as it has a straightforward format without much effort. Continuous reminders for time-tracking helps to work more for good productivity. It has a knocked-out feature if you on consulting call or out for half an hour lunch.  

Cost- Free up to 9 users ($9 per user per month)

Compatibility– Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

3. Harvest


If you are looking at the time tracking app for teams, Harvest can be your best choice. It is built to handle collaborative workloads. There are various instances like desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser extensions. Everyone in your team can install individually. It also works offline, and you can record the task even if you are not available online. It directly sends the timesheet to Administrative Harvest. It supports various apps like Slack, asana, Basecamp, and many others.

Cost– Free for one user and 2 active projects ($12 per user per month)

Compatibility- iOS, Android

4. EverHour


Its lightweight scheduling app syncs with productivity. EverHour is faster than other time tracking applications. It has a feature of log scheduled off. The available hours are in green, log off in grey, and scheduled in red. However, it does not work offline. 

Cost- Free up to 5 users without other app integration ($5 per user per month)

Compatibility- iOS, Android

5. HourStack


The hour stack has an entirely different look from other time tracking apps. It represents time in different blocks or windows, just like a calendar. It helps in planning your work, unlike other apps. You can use different types of labels for different types of work and set the time.

Cost- $5.60 per user per month

Compatibility– iOS, Windows, Android

Which specialty indicates best Time Tracking Software?

Tracking time makes your invoice more accurate rather than estimating manually every day. It gives a good impression on the clients by giving them the exact project completion date and time. And in terms of business profit, it caters to vast benefits to the business. Are you thinking how? Well, if you can analyze your time spent, then you can make intelligent decisions too.

While evaluating the time-tracking apps, these are actual considering points:

  • Real-time tracking– This is generally available in all time-tracking apps. It means the time you begin the task and when you pause or stop the time.
  • Manual addition of time blocks- The best app denotes the option of manual addition of time blocks. It is the requirement when you accidentally forget to pause the timer, and you go for lunch. You should have the opportunity to subtract the time when you were at recess. Also, when you take consulting, then the time tracker will not be able to track it. Thus, with this feature, you can add the duration.
  • Report- The essential feature is the dashboard where the daily, weekly, and monthly reports are visible. It also includes the team member had and the client.
  • Export Data- If you get the aggregate time, you can get onto the invoicing next step. Such apps automatically generate the invoices from the extracted time duration into PDFs, CSVs, or Goggle sheets.

Final Words

Well, in this blog, we have a list of 5 best tracking applications. Each tool has it’s a unique feature that makes it different from others. But, when it comes to the best time tracking tool, you can choose amongst these to find out your best app.

In these 5 tracking tools, there is one software (WorkStatus) with 14+ features and has got a big fat thumbs up for its work function and design. It offers customization and 24 hours expert assistance to its clients. Nevertheless, it has a tag of best online project, Time-Tracking Software 2021.