The generation which is going on now depends more on online things or online advertisements than on door to door shopping or offline advertisements ( like boarding ) and also we do see that everything now is getting bigger on the online platform. Even small to big businesses try to attract their consumers through online social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and also some businesses put advertisements on online platforms and Youtube, etc. to attract as many as customers possible.

In the last three to four years, online things have attracted so many more customers to the platform than ever and most of the customers also get aware of the product through a course of action that they perform while working online. Facebook was launched in 2007 which is also believed to become a way which is also witnessed to found the way for social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the way which includes the use of social media platform and other services of it to spread awareness about a brand or of its product.

Which is the best way for Marketing a Product?

Marketing means to promote your product or services and we can also call it an advertisement in a way. Nowadays, many businesses do advertise their products in different ways but we do believe that the best way to advertise a product is through online video. 

Online Videos is the way or a platform that streams the video of different forms throughout the internet on people’s smartphones, Smart Television, computers, etc.

Online Videos is for two of the users:

  1. Consumer
  2. Business

Online Video for the consumer works as a source of fun or for a private basis known as Consumer Online Video. Consumer streams online videos on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc., and also social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and FaceBook, etc.

On the other hand, business uses online videos for spreading awareness about their brand or its product, to tell about new offers, etc. which is known as Business Online Video. The business puts online video ads for the marketing of their products on Youtube and social media platforms from where the customers get attracted towards the following business. Also, they create the online video creative by adding texts and different formats to clarify more about their business objective.

Now, let us discuss more the difference between the Consumer Online Video and Business Online Video.

Firstly, if we want to know the difference between both we should know about the terms and conditions of each one first.


Consumer Online Video has a ( monthly, quarterly, half, and yearly ) subscription which consumers have to buy to get access to online video services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video with advertisements and has also some of the free online video services like Youtube and Instagram which shows advertisements.

For Business Online Video, Business people have to pay to put an advertisement on Youtube and Netflix and also have to pay to promote on social media or can even advertise on social media for free.

How to create Online Video?

Online VIdeo can be created with the help of an Online Video Editor. There are many Online Video Editors available in the market but we are here to suggest to you one of the best that is TYPITO.

TYPITO is an online video editor that is easy to use and there is no need for editing skills to do editing in the application in a professional manner.

There are several benefits in a single video editor:

There are different types of video formats for different social media platforms having different size aspects.

You can choose the color of the text, its style, and font for the video to make it more attractive.

The application has 600,000+ high-resolution photos in it which are free that can be used by any person in his/her online videos for business.

The application has also 500+ template animations inside it which makes the user free from getting expertise in video editing to create animation templates.

The application will automatically suggest the captions which are related to the video or you can add the caption of your type to the video.

You can see the results or preview of online video editing without saving the video and then you can export or save the video after confirming it to be good.

The application creates the best online videos without much effort so that the user does not need to practice the editing skills and even after having all the facilities one can contact the stellar support service of TYPITO for further help in video editing.

The features available in the TYPITO applications are as follows:

  • Cut Video
  • Cut Youtube Video
  • Add Music
  • Online MP4 Splitter
  • Crop Video
  • Add Logo To Video Online
  • Add Image To Video Online
  • Make a Video Intro
  • Make a Photo Video
  • Breaking News Video Creator
  • Vertical Video Editor Online
  • Add Audio to Picture Online
  • Rotate Video
  • Add Subtitle to Video Online
  • Online Movie Title Maker
  • Add SRT to MP4 Video
  • Online Youtube Intro Maker
  • Online Slow Motion Video Editor
  • Overlay Sound on Video Online

We suggested to you the best Online Video Editor for your brand Online Video more attractive than usual. A user using TYPITO can only edit 4 videos in a month but if you want to edit more than 4 videos in a month then you can buy the TYPITO premium which costs you $66/month.

Also, a user can get the TYPITO application on android smart phones as well as on IOS smart phones, and on a computer or laptop too.

If you are wondering where you can get access to the TYPITO application or from where you can get the TYPITO application, then I am providing you with the links to TYPITO applications for convenience.