The days of hiding your curves behind baggy or loose clothes are over. Now, it’s time to show your curves and own them. The curves are an asset and use them to their best, so embrace your curves with pride and show it to everyone. All the women are beautiful whatever their body shape may be. The fashion industry too has caught up to this and there has been quite an increase in plus size fashion wear designs as well as models. There are many more ways to express yourself like wearing the right shapewear to accentuate your silhouette will do wonders for your confidence.

Just as there are as many ways to look beautiful, curvy bodies also come in many forms. Some women have wide hips, some are busty with narrow hips, while some have hot booties and thighs with tiny miny waists. Women represent all shapes, colors, and backgrounds. So Why Shouldn’t our shapewear/body shapers?

So, depending on your body type, there are different body shaper options that will help make your curves pop and look beautiful. There is a wide genre of body shapers and best waist trainers for plus size on various platforms. There is one such great online platform Sculptshe, so let us look at some plus-size body shapers that it provides for women.


1.Sculptshe 3-in-1 Waist Thigh Eraser Booty Sculptor- 

This is a perfect waist and thigh trainer it will trim your waist, lifts your butt, and melt your excess fat. The reason that you sweat more is because the material used is latex free neoprene which generates a lot of heat. The design is such that it provides support to you while you run, work out or jog. The thigh eraser is extremely comfortable retains heat which leads to tone and firms your thighs.

2.Sculptshe Butt Lifter Hooks High Waist Shaper Shorts- 

Shapewear that can be worn anytime in any season and for any number of special occasions let them be gym, weddings or your party wear. This is a three in one shaper which is quite comfortable and perfect with jeans or a tight dress. This provides instant body shaping, to your hips, butt, and thighs. 

3.Sculptshe Plus Size Under Bust Thong Bodysuit- 

This thong bodysuit is a perfect garment to smooth your curves firmly. The straps are quite adjustable and the thong accentuates your lovely shape. 

So, these are some of the best Sculptshe plus size bodywear that have amazing reviews. These are quite comfortable and lightweight bodywear that is extremely flexible and handy.

So have a go at these incredible body shapers. You can try these and gain your confidence as well as show some swag.